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Recently we received a number of your comments asking to add one or another type of article, including the latest MBTs, APCs, warships and so on.

As far as the is a non-commercial website, and we have to earn for living, we can't spend as much time developing this project, as we would like.

So we are asking YOU to become an Editor. We would truly appreciate if you would send us your reviews on any type of weapons and equipment of your choice. Even if a particular article is written already it can always be improved. Your articles will clearly state, that they were written by YOU and will be added as soon as possible. None of them will be ignored.

Adding new articles will speed up development of the, so it will be more available, more interesting and comprehensive.

You can send us YOUR articles in Microsoft Word or similar formats to our email: . Any help appreciated. If you have any questions, don't hesitate and write to us.

Thank you for supporting us and best of luck crew