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Main Battle Tank

AMX - 32


The AMX-32 Main Battle Tank

Entered service in -
Crew 4
Dimensions and weight
Total weight in combat order 40 t
Overall length 9 450 mm
Chassis length 6 590 mm
Overall width 3 240 mm
Overall height  2 290 mm
Main gun CN-105 F-1 105-mm Rifled Gun / Rh-V-120 120-mm Smoothbore Gun
Machine gun 1 x 7.62-mm, 1 x 20-mm automatic gun M-693
Traverse range 360 degrees
Combat load
Main gun 47 / 38 rounds
Machine gun 2160 x 7.62-mm, 480 x 20-mm cartridges
Engine power 720 hp.
Maximum road speed  65 km/h
Autonomy on roads  530 km
Slope 60
Vertical step 0.9 m
Ditch 2.9 m
Ford unprepared 1.3 m
Ford with preparation 4 m
   The AMX-32 Main Battle Tank is a further development of the AMX-30 Main Battle Tank. Development of this tank began in 1975 and first test example was shown in 1982. This main battle tank was intended for export. There is no information on it's serial production.Scheme of the AMX-32 Main Battle Tank

   The main differences of the AMX-32 comparing with the AMX-30 are in improved armored protection and fire control system.

   It's frontal armor is multi-layered, combined. One more difference is welded turret. Developers claim that frontal armor ensures protection from armor-piercing projectiles up to 100 mm caliber. Hull boards and chassis feature anti-cumulative side screens.

   The main armament is 105-mm gun similar to the AMX-30 Main Battle Tank or new smoothbore 120-mm gun. The 105-mm gun fires all AMX-30 ammunition. It's combat load consists from 47 rounds. The 120-mm gun fires ammunition designed for German Rh-V-120 Gun, by "Rheinmetall". Fired from this gun armor-piercing undercaliber projectiles feature initial speed in 1 630 m/s. Combat load consists from 38 rounds and 17 of them are placed in the turret, and 21 at the front side of the hull near the driver.

   Electro-hydraulic mechanisms, designed by "SAMM" company rotate turret and incline the main gun in elevation.

   The AMX-32 Main Battle Tank is completed with the COTAS Fire Control System. It includes ballistic computer, passive observation and target positioning devices, and laser rangefinder. Commander operates the M-527 Hydro-Stabilized Panorama Sight and also 8 periscope observation devices. Gunner operates the M-581 Telescopic Sight, connected with a laserThe AMX-32 Main Battle Tank rangefinder, and three periscopes. For firing and battlefield observation at night there is mounted the DIVT-13A Thomson-CSF Thermo Vision Camera, left from the main gun. Firing date is prepared by ballistic computer.

   One of the AMX-32 disadvantages is an absence of the main gun stabilization systems. Partially this disadvantage is recovered by usage of a hydro-stabilized sight.

   Referring to some sources, hit probability into stable target at day or night time is 90% in 2 000 meter range.

   Additional armament of the AMX-32 consists from the M-693 20-mm Coaxial Automatic Gun, mounted on the turret, left from the main gun. Furthermore commander operates 7.62-mm machine gun. Six smoke grenade launchers are mounted on the turret for covering tank in the battlefield.

   In the engine-transmission compartment there can be mounted HS-110-2 engine similar to the AMX-30 and mechanic transmission, or HS-110-S2 engine, similar to the AMX-30B2, with ENG-200 hydromechanic transmission. The HS-110-S2 features slightly greater power and provides for tank maximum road speed in 65 km/h.

   AMX-32 chassis is almost similar to the AMX-30.

   Notwithstanding on increased total weight in combat order to 40 tones, what was caused by mounting additional armored protection, tanks cross-country performance is very high. It manages slopes up to 60, vertical step up to 0.9 meter height, 2.9 meter wide trench, fords 1.3 meter depth watThe AMX-32 Main Battle Tanker obstacles without preparation, and up to 4 meters with preparation.

   The AMX-32 is completed with nuclear, biological, chemical protection system, fire prevention system, two radio stations and internal communication device as standard.


   Good hit probability in a long ranges at night. Good cross-country performance. Light total weight in combat order. Underwater driving equipment.


   Weak armored protection. There is no gun stabilization systems.

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