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Diesel-Electric Torpedo Submarine

677 Lada/1650 Amur class

D. (m3): 1675
Speed (kts): 21
Dimensions (m): 67x7.1x?
M./Engine: diesel and electric motors
Diving depth: 250max
Range: 650/6000


Missiles: na
Torpedoes: 6/533 mm VA-111 (w: c/nucl)    Total: 18

    Two diesel-electric submarines of a new, fourth postwar generation have been laid down at the Admiralteiskiye Verfi state-owned shipyard in St. Petersburg. One submarine (Project 677 Lada), designated Sankt Peterburg, is being built for Russia's Navy, and the other (Amur-1650) is intended for export. 

Both submarines are part of the same project and differ only in  customer requirements and operational conditions. The submarines will have high submerged cruising range and endurance, combat efficiency and reliability, and low acoustic signature (characteristics of the Amur-1650 submarine are given in Table 1). 

In the Jan/Feb '95 issue, Military Parade described in detail Amur-class submarines with a normal displacement of 550 to 1,850 m3, which were developed by the Rubin Central Marine Design Bureau. The magazine quoted the Project's General Designer Yuri Kormilitsin as saying: "The submarine has been conceived as a kind of an underwater sea hunter, capable of destroying any target – surface naval ships, transport vessels, or submarines – using torpedoes, missiles, mines and also with the help of frogmen." 
   The Rubin-designed submarine of the previous generation (Project 877, Kilo class) was described in the West as a "black hole in the ocean" for its low level of noise which prevented its detection. The use of state-of-the-art acoustic protection systems and original engineering innovations on Amur-class submarines will make them several times quieter than Kilo-class submarines. Amurs are well-suited to their underwater environment. Their sonar equipment includes highly sensitive direct-
listening transducers at the forward end and a towed transducer array. 

Control of the submarine, its armament and equipment is highly automated and carried out from operators' consoles concentrated in the main control room. 

Admiralteiskie Verfi has vast experience in building such vessels. The shipyard's Director General Vladimir Alexandrov said at the laying-down ceremony that the Sankt Peterburg is the 300th submarine built by Admiralteiskie Verfi. The shipyard's vessels are eagerly purchased by foreign navies. In November and December 1997 alone, two submarines (Projects 636 and 877 EKM) were turned over to foreign customers.

   The construction of the Amur-1650 submarine has been made possible owing to efforts of the Morskaya Tekhnika (Marine Equipment) financial and industrial group, which includes Admiralteiskie Verfi, the Rubin Central Marine Design Bureau, Incombank, and the Central Company of the Morskaya Tekhnika FIG. The financial and industrial group is funding research and development efforts and the purchase of materials and accessories. 

"The participation of commercial structures in the funding of military-technical cooperation projects is not something new," the Director General of the Central Company of the Morskaya Tekhnika FIG Igor Bakhmetyev said. "We can recall the supply of MiG fighters abroad. Now our task is to organize optimum financial schemes to make it possible to conduct research and development and purchase the required equipment for the Amur's export version. On the whole, the pooling of budgetary and extra-budgetary funds for the construction of submarines of a new generation for the Russian Navy and for export will help save a lot of money." 

At the laying-down ceremony, the privilege to embed the plaque on the Sankt Peterburg submarine was granted to the Commander-in-Chief of Russia's Navy Admiral Vladimir Kuroyedov and St. Petersburg Deputy Mayor Yuri Antonov. The plaque of the Amur-1650 submarine was laid down by the President of the Morskaya Tekhnika FIG, the General Designer and Head of the Rubin Central Marine Design Bureau Academician Igor Spassky, and a departmental head of the Rosvoorouzhenie State Corporation, Victor Kapustin. 

The ceremony was also attended by the Head of the Department of Defense Strategic Programs of Russia's Ministry of Economics Oleg Yefimov, other officials, workers and engineers of Admiralteiskie Verfi and Rubin, numerous guests and reporters.

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