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Air Defense Missile Complex

9K33 "Osa"

NATO Codename SA - 8 "Gecko"

Type Surface-to-Air
Entered service in 1977
Missile armament
Number of missiles 2 - 6
Missiles weight 130 kg
Warheads weight 19 kg
Maximum target's speed 1 800 km/h
Maximum firing range 10 km
Minimum firing range 1.5 km
Maximum target's altitude 6 km
Minimum target's altitude 25 m
Number of firing targets at the same time 1
Complexes preparation time 5 min

   Air defense missile complex "Osa" entered service in USSR Armed Forces in 1977. This is division air defense complex intended to defend division formations. It is capable to defeat tactical or front-line aircraft, helicopters and cruise missiles flying with lower than 1 800 km/h speed in low, extremely low and medium altitude.

   Combat vehicle is one-channel and is able to effectively defend against air attacks. All complexes "Osa" elements use unified wheeled swimming chassis. Vehicle has autonomic electricity system. 

   Anti-aircraft guided missile "Osa" has usual aerodynamic scheme, fitted with solid fuel.

   Missile is tracked by radio-command guiding system. Loading platform can carry from 2 to 6 guided missiles.

   Deflection systems are electro-mechanic. Radiolocation station works in impulse regime. Complex is prepared from marching to work position in 5 minutes.

   Vehicle is capable to make air territory reconnaissance moving and launch missile during short stop. 

   Complex has good anti-radioelectronic countermeasures. It is able to fight against poised helicopters and "Shrike" and other anti-radar missiles.

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