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Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

Kh - 35

NATO Designation AS-20 "Kayak"

Kh-35 (AS-20 "Kayak") anti-ship missile

Entered service in 1983
Range 5 - 130 km (altitude 10 - 15 m)
Weight 500 - 630 kg
Weight of warhead 145 kg
Type of warhead high-explosive fragmentation
Speed 1 080 km/h
Guidance active radar
Length 3.75 m
Carried by Su-35, Yak-141 fighters;
MiG-27, Su-25, Su-39 attack aircraft;
Ka-28 helicopter; Tu-142 bomber;
various surface ships

   The Kh-35 designated as AS-20 "Kayak" by NATO is an anti-ship cruise missile. It can be used by surface ships and motor boats, costal reconnaissance and strike systems, naval helicopters and aircraft. It should be mentioned that the shipborne surface-to-surface anti-ship version of the Kh-35 is known as "Uran" (uranium) or SS-N-25 "Switchblade" designated by Soviet Union and NATO respectively. Cruise missile is intended to defeat all types of surface ships.

   Missile has subsonic flight speed. It is propelled by the main turbojet engine and a solid-propellant booster. An internal guidance system controls missile in flight and leads out onto assumed target location. When missile reaches target location, it is guided by the signals of jamproof active radar. Target is defeated by penetration of high-explosive fragmentation warhead. Missile's body is made of aluminum alloys.Scheme of the Kh-35 (AS-20 "Kayak") anti-ship missile

   One of the main advantages of the AS-20 "Kayak" comparing with other anti-ship missiles is it's relatively small weight and dimensions. This feature significantly increased ammunition load from 4 to 16 and more missiles replacing out-dated missile systems without increase in displacement or bomb bay. This significantly expands combat capabilities of surface ships, helicopters, aircraft and other carriers. This feature also gives ability to make a massed cruise missile strike against enemy naval units.

   To enhance the elements of concealment and surprise attack and improve the ability to withstand the fire opposition of the ships under attack, the Kh-35 missile possesses the lowest possible flight trajectory with an altitude in 10-15 meters over the sea. Cruise missile also has a small reflection surface. The long-range firing capability increases the survivability of carriers.

   There are three subvariants of air carried Kh-35:

   - The Kh-35V missile is carried by helicopters;
   - The Kh-35U is carried by aircraft;
   - The Itz-35 is a drone.

   Missiles weight varies from 500 to 600 kilograms from the variant of the missile. Shipborne version - the "Uran" or SS-N-25 "Switchblade" weights up to 600 kilograms.

   The shipborne "Uran" missile system consists from the cruise missile itself, launching container, launcher, shipboard control system, and ground equipment complex comprising missile checking facilities.Shipborne versio of the Kh-35 - the "Uran" missile system

   The "Uran" missile launcher is a metal structure positioned at an angle of 35 to the ship's horizontal plane. Each launcher is designed to carry four missiles in their launching-transporting containers. Ship's automated control system checks missiles for condition, prepares them for launch, and also receives, processes and inputs the target indication data into the missiles before firing. Control system is made in the form of two containers covering 15 and 5 square meters respectively. The first container houses a central control device, analog quantities input device and supply source control device, while the second container accommodates a power pack of the automated control system, comprising two devices for connection with the launchers and missiles, two junction boxes and a converter.

   Ground equipment complex is intended to prepare missiles for use, handle and maintain them. The complex includes an automated missile test system, a set of equipment for preparation of missiles, their repair and maintenance, a set of load handling facilities, transporting trolleys, fuel and air servicers, transport trucks and a crane truck, etc. The ground equipment complex is set up on the coast forming an autonomous maintenance area for missiles and their launching transporting containers.

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