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Portable Air Defense Missile Complex

9M39 "Igla"

NATO Codename SA - 16

Type "Surface - to - Air"
Crew 1 - 2
Entered service in 1983
Missiles characteristics
Number of missiles 1
Missiles weight 10.6 kg
Missiles length 1.6 m
Warheads weight 1.15 kg
Maximum target's speed 700 km/h
Maximum firing range 5.2 km
Minimum firing range 0.5 km
Maximum target's altitude 3.5 km
Minimum target's altitude 10 m
   9M39 "Igla" portable air defense complex entered service in USSR Armed Forces in 1983. It is intended to fight against low flying air targets in good visibility conditions. "Igla" is battalions and lower subdivisions or tactical groups frontline air defense complex. In NATO countries it is known as SA - 16.

   Complex contains anti-aircraft guided missile "Igla", loading device and friend-enemy identification system. Last mentioned prevents guided missile hitting USSR made helicopters and aircrafts. After missiles launch if identification system gots information that solider was aiming it's own sides target missile explodes before it reaches target. 

   Complex control elements are mounted in the handle. There is also placed identification antenna. Whole indentification system consists from request receiver, antenna and electrical supply source.

   Anti-aircraft guided missile "Igla" has "duck" aerodynamic scheme fitted with solid fuel engine. Missile has infrared guidance warhead. Warhead is fitted with logical selection device which ignores active countermeasures and infrared traps. Missile is launched using initial start engine which separates after leaving loading device.

   Launching device consists from launching tube and electrical supply source. Launching tube serves as missile carrying and transporting container.

   "Igla" is fitted with dioptrical sight which is used to notice and to track target. It is used to find range target's and to insert overtaking angle.

   Sights body has indicator signalizing when target is intercepted by guided warhead.

   "Igla" portable air defense missile complex is used on helicopters as an air - to - air missile as well. Usually missiles in launching devices are hanged by two or four on helicopter's hardpoints. A number of missiles depends from combat mission.

"Igla" air defense missile complex used on helicopter

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