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SA "ANTEY-2500"

The perfecting tactical and operative - tactical of ballistic missiles, including magnification of distance of their shooting, has required qualitative increase of performances of zenith rocket systems (AirDefence) of a defense (A). Today about 30 countries have unstrategic ballistic missiles of various distance of an operation. To such ballistic missiles concern "Atamks", "Ades", "Dunfen-3", "Dunfen-15", "Dunfen", "Skad-S", "Pershing", "Ierihon-2" and other. In a number of the states the programs on production and acceptance on arms of rocket systems of average distance of an operation capable will be realized(sold) to decide operative - strategically problems.

The creation of a russian system "Antey-2500" just also was called(caused) by such tendency of development of means of an attack. As has shown experience of war in the Persian gulf the selected direction has appeared duly and correct. The Americans were compelled to attend to perfecting of the system already upon termination of battle(dashing) operations in a Gulf. This work and now is even far from completion.

Mobile universal antimissile and anti-aircraft the system "Antey-2500" concerns to a new generation of systems antimissile and anti-aircraft of a defense. It is intended for a defense of the important state, military and industrial objects, groupings army from impacts of ballistic and aerodynamic means of an air attack. "Antey-2500" - unique in the world a universal remedy A and airdefence, capable effectively to struggle as with ballistic missiles with distances of start-up up to 2500 km, and with all kinds of the aerodynamic and aeroballistic purposes.

"Antey-2500" is capable conduct independent(autonomous) battle(dashing) operations in all kinds of military conflicts, in any regions of a planet. If necessary it can be integrated in national control systems forces and weapon.

The system "Antey-2500" is capable to fire simultaneously at 24 aerodynamic purposes, switching on objects, or 16 ballistic missiles with a reflecting effective surface up to 0,02 g2, flying with velocities up to 4500 min/sec.

"Antey-2500" has not analogs in the world which is capable to struggle with head parts of ballistic missiles, launched from distance of 2500 kms. The system has excellent(different) parameters on a criterion "efficiency - cost".

In "Antey-2500" the rockets 9M82M and 9M83M for want of preservation of constant Ganni-dimensional performances are applied new, developed KB"Innovator",, of principles of construction of the guidance system and principles of an operation of battle(dashing) equipment of rockets 9M82, 9G83 is wide of a known system with - S-300V. They have the much greater distance of an operation by higher efficiency of a defeat of all kinds tactical and operative - tactical ballistic and ballistic missiles. For want of it the manoeuvrable performances of rockets 9G82G, 9G83G are essentially enlarged, that allows to strike the heavily maneuvering purposes.

Structure SA division"Antey-2500"
Battle(dashing) means an Amount Radars Command. MSNR Launc. Comp Missl.
The circular review 9S15M2 The sector review 9S19M 9S457M 9S32M 9A83M 9A84M 9M82M 9M83M
1 1 1 4 24 24 48 96

The possibility of struggle with the high-speed ballistic purposes with a small reflecting surface is reached at the expense of increase of performances of radar-tracking information means and optimization of methods of processing of radar-tracking signals.

Full automation of battle(dashing) work, high use reliability, application of modern means of search and fault recovery have defined(determined) minimum number of accounts and do not require(demand) large time for their preparation. The rockets 9G82G are intended for an erasure tactical, operative - tactical and average distance of ballistic missiles, and also aerodynamic purposes on removals(distances) up to 200 kms. For want of it the rocket is operated(controled) on all a plot(site) of flight trajectory. The developer and manufacturer of a system - "Concern" Antey" - guarantees service of arms and military engineering during all term of its operation. And The rockets 9M83M are intended for an erasure on small both average alkinn? of tactical and ilšancalcaki-tactical rockets, and also of aerodynamic purposes.

Both such as rockets can zznleašiaann? in army not less than 10 years without checks and service. The brief tactical-characteristics of a system "Antey-2500" in a comparison with a system with - S-300V and upgraded system " Patriot PAK-3 " are indicated in the table.



"Antey-2500" "Patriot
Distance of the hitted targets, km:



Alt. of the hitted targets, km:



Maximum velocity of a defeat BM, m\s 3000 4500 3000
Minimum of the targets, 0,02 0,02 0,1
Maximum distance BM targets, km 1100 2500 1000
Time of development (curtailing) of battle(dashing) means, min. 5/5 5/5 30/15
Time of preparation of a rocket to start-up, s 15 7 ---

In other words, unique in the world by a system capable effectively to struggle with unstrategic ballistic missiles tactical and operative - tactical purposes(assignment) with distance of start up to 2500 km, is russian SA "Antey-2500". Let's underline, that in difference from other similar systems consisting on arms, system "Antey-2500", no less than the system with - S-300V, initially formed as a means of struggle with BM and other high-speed 'stealth', high-maneuvrable and hard to shot targets. The unique battle(dashing) possibilities SA "Antey-2500" managed to be reached(achieved) due to deep and long researches of institutes, KB and factories of the industrial company "Concern" Antey " with use of the advanced reachings in the field of radar-tracking information systems and missile development, and also large volume of experimental work& and launches till a various type to the ballistic and aeroballistic purposes.

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