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Medium Transport Helicopter

NH 90

NH 90 medium transport helicopter

Entered service in ?
Crew 2
Dimensions and weight
Weight (empty) 5.4 t
Maximum take off weight 10.6 t
Rotor diameter 16.3 m
Length 16.13 m
Height 5.23 m
Cargo load
Cargo load 2 500 kg
Passengers 20 troops
Engines 2 x Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM 322-01/9
Engine power 2 x 2 230 hp
Maximum speed 300 km/h
Range with normal load 800 - 1 000 km

The NH 90 medium transport helicopter was developed by the NH Industries as a standard NATO helicopter. The NH Industries is a joint venture of the Italian AugustaWestland, French-German Eurocopter and Stork Fokker of Holland. It is considered to be the most advanced medium transport helicopter in the world. Currently a total of 357 NH 90 helicopters are ordered from 11 countries.

The NH 90 comes in two main versions the NH 90 TTH or Tactical Transport Helicopter and NFH - NATO Frigate Helicopter. The TTH can transport up to 2.5 tons of cargo or up to 20 troops, while the NFH is basically a multi-role anti-submarine warfare and anti-ship naval helicopter. In the anti-submarine (ASW) role it can detect, identify and attack enemy submarines, while on the anti-ship mission it can attack ships with over-the-horizon capability. The NFH carries anti-submarine torpedoes and air-to-surface missiles, sonobuoy launcher and dipping sonar.

NH 90 TTH medium transport helicopter Other roles of the NH 90 include anti-air warfare, vertical replenishment, search and rescue, mine laying and VIP transport.

The NH 90 incorporates some of the self-protection measures, fond on the Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopter. These include missile approach warning system, integrated radar and laser warning receivers, chaff and flare dispensers.

The NH 90 is powered by two RTM 322-01/9 engines developed by Turbomeca (Rolls-Royce). However Italian-built helicopters are completed with FiatAvio T700/T6E1 engines. All engines are fitted with an advanced engine control system.

The NH 90 is the first medium-size helicopter to have full fly-by-wire controls. It can take off and land at night or adverse weather conditions. It has a crew of two - pilot and tactical coordinator. This helicopter is fitted with the most modern aviation suite.

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