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Attack Helicopter Ka-32 Helix-C


W. (tons):


Speed (km/h):


Dimensions (m):

15,9props/? x ?

Alt. (m):


Range (km):



2 TVD, TV3-117B, 2 x 1'638 kwt





8 Vihr



30mm DP



Ka-32 - last machine of N. Kamov. The helicopter has made the first flight of December 24 1973, after a month after death of the designer. Military variant of this helicopter is the helicopter Ka-27. In West the helicopters of the given type for the first time are known(!known) to steel in a 1981, when they were remarked on Baltic onboard a rocket cruiser «Udaloy» in time of training flights. Later these helicopters were demonstrated in Minsk during realization of scientific conference on use of flight vehicles in a national economy. The helicopters Ka-27/Ka-32 are created for a replacement of helicopters Ka-25/Ka-25K. The installation(aim) has supplied(ensured) two of drives by Isotov TVZ- 117V almost double magnification of a potency on a comparison with other helicopters. In an outcome it the carrying capacity was increased up to 500 kgs. The helicopters of a type Ka-32/Ka-27 have a carrier system from two three-blade of screws of opposite rotation, pilot and cargo cabins and tail. For want of manufacturing of blades of bearing screws Ka-32 the experience of ten years' batch production of glass-fibre blades for the first time designed in OKB to them is used. The hinged strengthening of these blades to cartridges of bearing thorns provides their addition above a tail beam for want of storage of helicopters on the aircraft carriers. The fuselage of the helicopter is executed, in main, from aluminium alloys with three doors: from both sides of a pilot cabin for two members of crew and on port side of a cargo cabin. As push to creation Ka-32 the acute transport problems connected to assimilation of regions of Extreme North have served. For want of it the problems of posting of caravans of courts on northern marine path were assigned to them (give a state information of ice at the rate of caravan) and unloading of courts on the move (« the Flying crane(valve) » transports on the external suspension the consignment up to 5000 kgs on a distance(span) of 80 kms, and in a cargo cabin - 1500 h a distance(span) up to 800 kms). Besides the helicopters Ka-32 have found broad application in mountain conditions: auaieza of wood, construction LEP and realization of rescue work. The navigational equipment Ka-32/Ka-27 allows to realize flight on a selected route in an automatic mode. For this purpose it is enough to set geographical coordinates of points of a route, and «electronics engineering» itself will conduct the helicopter till a Nim with an exactitude, sufficient for visual contact. The flights of helicopters Ka-32/Ka-27 are possible(probable) in the day and night, both in simple, and in complicated meteorological conditions.
These possibilities are ensured with installation(aim) of the complicated equipment for a system of automatic control and application electrical antiice system of blades and frontal glasses of a pilot cabin. By helicopters Ka-32 the number of official records is established(installed): - lifting for want of completely female crew (gang of height 6000 m for 4 minutes and 46 seconds); - Rise of the consignments (2000 kgs on height 6400m; 1000 kgs on height 7305 m; rise of the helicopter without the consignment on height 8250 m). Ka-32A - first russian helicopter received certificate of the validity MAK CIS in a 1993. In the beginning of the 80-th years on basis(!on the basis of) Ka-27 the helicopter of firing support of descents, received a label Ka-29 was developed. The helicopter has an armored guard of a crew cabin and vital aggregates, and also high-power arms (gun of 30 mm with 250 shells, 8 AT missiles and up to 80 missiles of calibre of 80 mm). On it(him) the laser range finder and new automatic system is established(installed). The helicopter Ka-29 can be used in transport variant and to transport 16 marines or 2000 kgs of the consignment in a cargo cabin and up to 4000 kgs on the external suspension. In this variant instead of a gun the machine gun of calibre of 7,62 mm with ammo of 1700 patrons is installed.

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