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Attack Helicopter Ka-25 Harmone


W. (tons):

4,1- 7,1

Speed (km/h):


Dimensions (m):

15,7props/? x ?

Alt. (m):


Range (km):



2 TVD, TTD-3F, 2 x 664 kwt







30mm DP




The naval helicopter Ka-25 of the coaxial circuit(scheme) is created by the order of Navy for arms of the ships of various classes. The two-screw coaxial circuit(scheme) has supplied(ensured) to the helicopter small dimensions in a combination to a high maneuverability especially necessary for ship basing. To creation of this helicopter has proceded the helicopter - prototype Ka-20, which was developed in a 1960. This helicopter - first among machines by N. Kamov, on which were applied nšiiaaeku drives for rotation of bearing screws. The first test flight is carried out by May 21, 1961. The construction of a fuselage provided accommodation retrieval and of the ASW equipment. The helicopter Ka-20 was started in a series in 1965 with a label Ka-25. The serial sample had minor differences from the prototype. First of Ka-25 were equipped by two drives by Glushenkov GTD-EF, placed in a top of a fuselage. The carrier system differed by availability antiice equipment and electromechanical system of an addition of blades above a tail beam for want of storage on the ships(spacecrafts). The pilot and navigation officer are placed by a number. The navigation officer on a mobile seat can move in a compartment(bay) of special equipment and to execute functions of an operator. The arms, switching on lšincaieiiku of a torpedo and depth bombs, was placed in iigiiežz between racks the chassis. Retrieval locator is placed at the forward bottom of a fuselage, and the lowered(omitted) hydroacoustic station is located at the back bottom of a fuselage. The back part of a fuselage represented a short tail beam finished nšzceaug tail. Two external Kiel played a role of control surfaces of a direction. On aircraft up to twenty helicopters Ka-25 were placed which were intended for search and erasure of submarines of the opponent, and also for adjustment of an aiming of ship rockets of a large radius of an operation. Besides the helicopters Ka-25 executed problems on search and saving of crews undergoing disaster in the sea, and also for transportation of the large-sized consignments on the external suspension. Production of helicopters Ka-25 proceeded till a 1975. For want of it was manufactured(issued) about 460 helicopters of the given type, which small amount was exported in India, Syria, Yugoslavia. In a 1967 on basis(!on the basis of) of the helicopter Ka-25 the transport helicopter Ka-25K was created. It(he) was intended for carriage of the passengers and consignments, for use as the crane(valve), for sanitarian carriages and fulfilment of saving work&. The maximum velocity of flight of this helicopter of 220 kms / h, and maximum distance of flight made 650 kms for want of to take-off mass. 7300 kgs.
In a cargo cabin of the helicopter up to 12 passengers were placed. For want of use of the helicopter Ka-25K as the crane(valve) on the external suspension the consignment by a mass up to 2000 kgs was transported. In a nose of a fuselage the installation(aim) of a removable cabin of an operator for direct observation behind the consignment and management of the helicopter for want of realizations of installation works was provided. The helicopter Ka-25K as demonstrated on 27-th International showroom of aircraft and astronautics in Paris in a 1967. For want of it the helicopter has made long-distance flight Moscow - Paris and Paris - Moscow. The helicopter Ka-25K serially did not issue. The new engineering solutions, tested on it(him), were embodied on Ka-32 later.

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