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Attack Helicopter

Eurocopter Tiger

Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopter

Entered service in 2002
Crew 2
Dimensions and weight 
Weight (empty) 3 060 kg
Maximum take off weight 6 000 kg
Rotor diameter 13 m
Length 14 m
Width ?
Height 3.82 m
Engines 2 x Rolls-Royce/Turbomeca/MTU turboshaft engines
Engine power 2 x 1 170 hp
Maximum speed 280 km/h
Cruising speed ?
Ferry range 1 300 km
Range with normal load 800 km
Service ceiling 4 000 m
Guns 1 x 30-mm cannon, podded 12.7-mm MG or 20-mm cannon
Missiles Pars 3, HOT 3, Rafael Spike-ER, AGM-114 Hellfire, AIM-92 Stinger, Mistral
Other various unoperated rocket pods

The Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopter was co-developed by France and Germany. It is known as the Tiger in Germany, and Tiger in France and Spain. Helicopters delivered to the German and French forces vary in their armament and mission purpose. Germany uses the UHT anti-tank helicopter version, while France operates HAC anti-tank and HAP combat support versions.

The Eurocopter Tiger made it's maiden flight back in 1991, while the first production helicopters were built in 2002. France ordered 70 Eurocopter Tiger HAP combat support helicopters and 10 HAC anti-armor variants. Germany ordered 80 UHT support helicopters.

Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopter The Eurocopter Tiger is has a conventional gunship helicopter layout, with two crew members sitting one behind another. Unlike the most combat helicopters pilot sits in the front, while the gunner takes the back seat.

The HAP combat support version has been designed especially for the French armed forces. It is intended for a close-range infantry support and has a limited air-to-air combat capability. The Tigre HAP is armed with a 30-mm cannon, unguided rocket pods and Mistral air-to-air missiles.

The French HAD version has many in common with the HAP, but uses an uprated engines and has a better ballistic protection. It can carry Trigat anti-tank fire-and-forget missiles.

The UHT, developed for the German Army, is a multi-role fire support helicopter. It carries Trigat or HOT anti-tank missiles, as well as the unguided rocket pods. The UHT may also carry up to four AIM 92 Stinger missiles for a close range air defense. This helicopter lacks the chin-mounted cannon, however can be fitted with a 12.7-mm podded machine guns. This version also uses more advanced search and tracking devices, than the French model.

One more version of the Eurocopter Tiger helicopter is operated by the Australian Army. Designated as the ARH or Armed Reconnaissance helicopter and based on the French HAP design.

All Tiger/Tigre helicopters are fitted with missile approach warning systems and decoy launchers.

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