AAM Air-to-Air Missile
AB Air Base
ABCCC Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center
ACC Air Combat Command
ACM Air Combat Maneuvering
AEW Airborne Early Warning
AFB Air Force Base
AFRC Air Force Reserve Command
AFRES Air Force REServe
AFSOC Air Force Special Operations Command
AGM Air-to-Ground Missile
ALAT Aviation Legere de l'Armee de Terre
ALCM Air-Launched Cruise Missile
AMC Air Mobility Command
AMI Aeronautica Militare Italiana
AMRAAM Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile
ANG Air National Guard
APACHE Arme Propulsee A Charges Ejectables
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
ARM Anti-Radiation Missile
ARNG ARmy National Guard
ASARS Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System
AShM Anti-Ship Missile
ASM Air-to-Surface Missile
ASMP Air-SolMoyenne Portee
ASRAAM Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile
ASV Anti-Surface Vessel
ASW Anti-Submarine Warfare
ATGM Anti-Tank Guided Missile
ATM Anti-Tank Missile
AWACS Airborne Warning And Control System


BERP British Experimental Rotor Programme
BVR Beyond Visual Range


C2W Command and Control Warfare
C3I Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence
CAF Canadian Armed Forces
CAG Commander, Carrier Air Wing
CAP Combat Air Patrol
CAS Close Air Support
CASEVAC CASualty EVAcuation
CBU Cluster Bomb Unit
CEM Combined Effects Munition
CIS Commonwealth of Independent
COIN COunter-INsurgency
COMINT COMunications INTeligence
CONUS CONtinental United States
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
CTOL Conventional Take-Off and Landing


DLIR Downward-Looking Infra-Red


EAP Experimental Aircraft Programme
ECCM Electronic Counter-Counter Measures
ECM Electronic Counter Measures
ECR Electronic Combat Reconnaissance
EFIS Electronic Flight Instrumentation System
ELINT ELectronic INTelligence
EO Electro-Optical
ESM Electronic Surveillance Measures
ESSS External Stores Support System
EW Electronic Warfare


FAA Fleet Air Arm
FAC Forward Air Control
FAV Fuerza Aerea Venezolana
FBW Fly-By-Wire
FCS Flight Control System
FLIR Forward-Looking Infra-Red
FMRAAM Future Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile
FMS Flight Management System


GPS Global Positioning System


HARM High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile
HDD Head-Down Display
HDU Hose-Drum Unit
HMMWV High-Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle
HOT Haut subsonique Optiquement Teleguide tiere d'un Tube
HOTAS Hands On Throttle And Stick
HUD Head-Up Display


IAF Indian Air Force
IDF Israeli Defense Force
IAF Israeli Air Force
IFF Identification, Friend or Foe
IFR In-Flight Refueling
IIR Imaging Infra-Red
INAA Internal Navigation and Attack
INAS Indian Naval Air Station
INS Inertial Navigation System
IOC Initial Operating Capability
IR Infra-Red
IRADS Infra-Red Acquisition and Designation System
IRIAF Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force
IRST Infra-Red Search and Track
ISAR Imaging Synthetic Aperture Radar


J-STARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack
JASDF Japan Air Self-Defense Air Force
JASSM Joint Air-to-Surface Stand-off Missile
JDAM Joint Directed Air Munition
JGSDF Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
JMSDF Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
JSF Joint Strike Fighter
JSOW Joint Stand-Off Weapon
JTIDS Joint Tactical Information


LAMPS Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System
LANTIRN Low-Altitude, Navigation And Targeting by Infra-Red at Night
LASTE Low-Altitude Safety and Targeting
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LERX Leading-Edge Root eXtensions
LGB Laser-Guided Bomb
LII Gromov Flight Institute
LLLTV Low-Light-Level TeleVision
LOCAAS LOw-Cost Anti-Armour Submunition
LOROP LOng-Range Oblique Photography


MAD Magnetic Anomaly Detection
MFD Multi-Function Display
MFI Mnogofunkcionalnij Frontovij Istrebitel (Multirole Tactical Fighter)
MICA Missile d'Interception et de Combat Aerien (Combat and Air-Intercept Missile)
MLU Mid-Life Update
MSIP Multi-Stage Improvement
MTOW Maximum Take-Off Weight


NACES Naval Aircrew Common Ejection
NAS Naval Air Station
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NBC Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
NOE Nap Of the Earth
NOTAR NO Tail Rotor
NVG Night Vision Goggles


OCU Operational Conversion Unit
OCU Operational Capability Upgrade
OSF Optronique Secteur Frontale
OTH Over The Horizon


PDLC Day/night (TV/thermal imaging) laser-designation pod produced by Thomson-CSF
PGM Precision-Guided Munitions
PLA People's Liberation Army
PLAAF People's Liberation Army Air Force
PLANAF People's Liberation Army Naval Air Force
PLSS Precision Location Strike System
PVO ProtivoVozdushnaja Oborona (Air-Defense)


RAF Royal Air Force
RAM Radar Absorbent Material
RHAW Radar Homing And Warning
RMAF Royal Malaysian Air Force
RNS Russian Naval Ship
RS Reconnaissance Squadron
RWR Radar Warning Receiver


SAC Strategic Air Command
SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
START STrategic Arms Reduction Talks
SAM Surface-to-Air Missile
SAR Search And Rescue
SARH Semi-Active Radar Homing
SATCOM SATtellite COMmunications
SCALP Systeme de Croisiere conventional autonome a longue portee de precission
SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
SWF Sensor-Fuzed Weapon
SIGINT SIGnals INTeligence
SLAM Stand-off Land Attack Missile
SLAM-ER Stand-off Land Attack Missile-Extended Range
SLAR Side-Looking Airborne Radar
SMD Stand-off Munitions Dispenser
SOA Special Operations Aviation
SOM Stand-Off Munitions
SRAM Short-Range Attack Missile
SSN Nuclear Attack Submarine
STO Short Take-Off
STOL Short Take-Off and Landing
STOVL Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing


TAC Tactical Air Command
TARPS Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance Podded System
TBAP Tiazholij Bombardirovochnij Aviacionij Polk (Heavy bomber aviation regiment)
TERPOM TERrain PROfile Matching
TFR Terrain-Following Radar
TFW Tactical Fighter Wing
TIALD Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator
TINS Tactical Inertial Navigation System
TOW Tube-launched, Optically-sighted, Wire-guided


UAE United Arab Emirates
UK United Kingdom
UN United Nations
USAF US Air Force
USCG US Coast Guard
USMC US Marine Corps
USNR US Naval Reserve
USSR Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics


VHF Very High Frequency
VIP Very Important Person
VLF Very Low Frequency
VTA Vojenno-Transportnaja Aviacija (Military transport aviation)
VTO Vertical Take-Off
VVS Vojenno Vozdushnije Sili (Air Forces)


WCMD Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser
WVR Within Visual Range