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Sniper Rifle

"Heckler & Koch" PSG - 1

PSG-1 sniper rifle, with 5 round magazine and tripod

Caliber 7.62 mm
Cartridge type 7.62 x 51 mm (.308 Win)
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with empty magazine) 8 100 g
Overall length  1 208 mm 
Barrels length 650 mm 
Fire characteristics
Bullets initial speed 750 - 820 m/s
Practical rate of fire 30 rpm
Magazine capacity 5, 20 rounds
Sighting range 600 m

   Sniper rifle "Heckler & Koch" PSG-1 was publicly presented somewhere in 1980. It's constructional design is based on G. 3 standard Bundesver automatic rifle. PSG-1 is one of the best sniper rifles of the world. It was intended only for special forces and is very popular among them. It enters service with German, and a number of other counties, special and police forces.

   Rifles automatic works on partly free lock recoil principle. Barrels channel is blocked with two rolls, decreasing reloading speed and increasing fire accuracy as well. ThPSG-1 sniper rifle, with 5 round magazine and tripodis principle is common to a number of other "Heckler & Koch" produced weapons. PSG-1 automatics allows to execute only single fire. Reloading handle is placed from the left side. It stays stable when fire is executed.

   PSG-1 sniper rifle is fitted with unautomatic safety-lock, preventing accidental shots. Safety-lock blocks trigger and hammer mechanism. It is turned on/off with the right hand's first finger, holding weapon. Safety-lock switch is a fire mode changer at once. Adjustable width trigger's push power is equal to 1.5 kg.

   Rifles fixed butt-stock has adjustable backward and cheek parts, what makes it comfortable to use. PSG-1 has longered barrel and new pistol handle comparing with G. 3 automatic rifle. PSG-1 sniper rifle is fitted with folding detachable tripod to increase fire accuracy. It also decreases snipers fatigue. Five round magazine allows sniper to have better overlie to the ground, what is opposite to sniper rifles, with a greater magazine capacity. PSG-1 sniper is less visible on any kind of terrain. PSG-1 rifle case with field equipment

      PSG-1 has high bullet ballistic and penetration capabilities. From base modification it differs in better balance and more precociously produced barrel's channel. Lock works almost absolutely soundless, what is quiet indistinctive to rifles, based on moving barrels frame (such as Soviet/Russian SVD). Furthermore PSG-1 has a greater speed of effective fire comparing with other sniper rifles. Rifles stability is increased by it's heavy weight, decreasing rifles tossing after each shot. Rifle provides good fire accuracy. In 100 m range is: all bullets in 6 cm circle. However PSG-1 fire accuracy is lower than sniper rifles with usual sliding lock, as well than SVD sniper rifle. 

   One of the rifles disSWAT fighter with PSG-1 sniper rifleadvantages is low weapons maneuverability, caused by long length and heavy weight. The other disadvantage is, that rifles constructional design is no tight enough. Furthermore it's reliability is quiet low. Failures are usually caused by rare cleaning and in unpleasant conditions. Thirdly rifle has no muzzle flash-hider. Muzzle flash unmask sniper. Furthermore sniper is stunned by a quiet loud shot. Rifle has quiet high price in approximately $ 5000 however it doesn't decreases somehow it's popularity among police forces and special structures. 

     Sniper rifle is fitted with 6 x 42 magnification optical sight, fitted with built-in illumination net. Optical sight is used in 100 - 600 m range. One of the disadvantage is that rifle has no opened sight, what makes it uncomfortable to use in short distances. In case of main optical sights failure it can not be used at all. 

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