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Self-loading Pistol

"Heckler & Koch" P7


The "Heckler & Koch" P7 M8 Self-loading Pistol

Model P7 M8 P7 M10 P7 M13 P7 K3
Caliber 9 mm 10 mm 9 mm 9 mm
Cartridge  9 x 19 mm (Para) 10 x 21 mm (.40 S&W) 9 x 19 mm (Para) 9 x 17 mm (.380 ACP) 
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with loaded magazine)  950 g ? 1 140 g 880 g
Total weight (with empty magazine) 790 g 1 120 g 860g 750 g
Overall length  165 mm 175 mm 175 mm 155 mm
Barrel length 105 mm 95 mm
Fire characteristics
Bullet initial speed  350 m/s 310 m/s 350 m/s 300 m/s
Practical rate of fire  30 rpm 35 - 40 rpm 30 rpm 30 rpm
Magazine capacity  8 rounds 10 rounds 13 rounds 8 rounds
Sighting range  50 m
   The "Heckler & Koch" P7 Self-loading Pistol was designed for law enforcement agencies. It's serial production began in 1979. The P7 became the most original pistol in it's class designed since 1927 when was created first pistol with "double-action" type hammer mechanism. The P7 is in service with some Police units in Germany.

   The "Heckler & Koch" company is a German famous for it's unique design and unordinary technical solution firearms.The "Heckler & Koch" P7 M13 Self-loading Pistol

   Pistol automatic works on partly free lock recoil principle with a gas delay system. One of the most unordinary feature is pistols cocking system integrated in the grip. Hammer is cocked only when grip is properly held. In other way hammer is dropped and pistol is safe. Such design decision made unnecessary usage of manual safeties as a cocking leveler works as an automatic safety-lock as well. The P7 Pistol has a "double-action" only trigger mechanism and can be safely carried with a loaded round. This feature allows to increase pistol's combat load by one round in extreme situation.

   Cocking leveler requires quiet hard push power although even light power it is enough to hold it. When magazine is out of rounds and the slide locks in it's backward position it is enough to release the leveler and to push it once more to release the slide.

   Cartridge-case extractor works as a barrel load indicator as well. When a round is loaded the extractor protrudes above the slide and is both visible and can be felt by shooter's hand.

   Gas delay system has much inThe P7 M13 Self-loading Pistol common with the HK MP-5 Submachine Gun. It uses pressure from the just fired cartridge and it's function is to reduce the recoil power and recoil impact felt by the shooter. One more solution to minimize recoil power became a low profile slide combined with pistol's low center of gravity. These features considerably decrease shooters felt recoil power and positively affect on fire accuracy.

   The P7 is completed with a fixed to the frame polygonal rifling barrel manufactured by  cold hammer forging. Such feature has some advantages over convenient rifled barrel such as slightly improved fire accuracy and bullet initial speed. Polygonal rifled barrel also is easier cleaned and has increased service life. Despite of it's short looking barrel the P7 has usual dimensions one comparing with other pistols.

   Pistol has an opened fixed sight. The rear sight is adjustable.

   The "Heckler & Koch" P7 Pistol is produced in the following models:

   - The PSP Pistol (Polizei Seldstable Pistole or Police Self-loading Pistol) was designed by "Heckler & Koch" since the 1971. The first prototypes of the PSP Pistol appeared in 1976 and it's serial production began in 1979. After it's adoption by a number of German police formations it was oficially renamed to Pistole 7 - HK P7. In 1981 the P7 pistol was replaced in the production line by it's improved model P7 M8.Partly disassembled "Heckler & Koch" P7 Pistol

   - The P7 M8 is recently a base pistol model. However there are only some minor differences between it and the HK PSP. The P7 M8 has a smaller trigger guard and European-style magazine release in the bottom of the frame.

   - The P7 M10 is a model intended for USA market. It appeared in 1991. Pistol is chambered for 10 x 21 mm (.40 S&W) cartridge. It is similar to the base model except slightly larger dimensions. There were intentions to design the P7 chambered for 12.43 x 23 mm (.45 ACP) cartridge but unfortunately these efforts failed due to complicated in production and expensive recoil absorber.

   - The P7 M13 pistol was designed in 1982. It is intended for military or law enforcement forces only. It is similar to the P7 M8 except a 13 round magazine.

   - The P7 K3 has appearance almost identical to the P7 M8 and P7 M13 pistols. The main differences are in unique decreasing recoil power hydraulic buffer. This pistol features good fire control. Basically it is chambered for 9 x 17 mm (.380 ACP) cartridges. Although it has removable barrel and can additionally be converted to .22LR or 7.65 x 17 mm (.32 ACP) caliber cartridges using easy-to-install conversion kit. This feature provides economical practice shooting. The K3 model has no gas delay system of it's lower power cartridges. This model is mostly intended for target shooting and self-defense.

   One more variant of the P7 Pistol is the EP7. It is manufactured in Greece EVO factory under license and is iThe "Heckler & Koch" P7 M13 fitted with sound suppressern service with the Greece armed forces and police.

   The "Heckler & Koch" P7 Pistol had a really successful design however in spite of it pistol is recently replaced in production line by new USP series. The main reasons were morally outdated design developed more than 20 years  ago and a high production price. The P7 costs approximately $1 100 - 1 300 depending from model however official "Heckler & Koch" retailers provide a lifetime warranty for this pistol. The HK P7 Pistols are still in production. 


    Good fire accuracy for a compact pistol and quiet high reliability. Comfortable handling (for 8 round magazine pistols) and compact dimensions. No manual safeties. Pistol is well made and features very good balance. Light trigger push power compared to ordinary "single-action" pistols. Also it features low recoil power determined by low positioned barrel. 


   Low magazine capacity. High price. Pistol requires precise care and cleaning of it's unordinary internal design. After firing two or three magazines weapon becomes so hot that it is impossible to touch slide.

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