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Self-loading Pistol

FN Browning "High Power"


Commercial model of the Browning "High Power" chambered for .40 S&W with adjustable sight.

Caliber 9 mm
Cartridge 9 x 19 mm Para 
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with empty magazine)  882 g
Overall length  200 mm 
Barrels length  118 mm 
Fire characteristics
Bullets initial speed 350 m/s
Muzzle energy 500 J
Practical rate of fire 30 rpm
Magazine capacity 13 rounds
Sighting range  200 m
Range of effective fire  50 - 100 m
   The FN HI-Power Self-loading pistol is one of the best 9-mm "single-action" combat pistols of the world. It was designed by J. Browning in 1925. It's serial production began in 1935 in Belgium national weapon factory "Fabrique Nationale" (FN). 

   It is still produced under various names and is in service with Belgian Army and Police, United Kingdom Army, Israel Police and a number of other countries with military and law enforcement agencies. It is one of the longest living pistols alongside with the Colt M1911, TT and Walther PP.

   The "High Power" passed Belgian Army trials in 1935 and was adopted as Model 1935. Soon after that it was also adopted by Belgian Police and many other countries. This pistol is also known as Browning HP 35, GP 35, FN HP, HI-Power and under other designations.

   Pistols automatic works on barrels short recoil principle with a locked barrel to slide. "High Power" executes only single fire and only in "single-action" mode. Pistol has mechanic safety-lock. Originally it was placed from the left side only. However in modern versions since Mark II it is placed from the both sides of the slide.

   Newer versions such as Mark II and recent Mark III feature more modern fixed sights and polymer grips. The last mentioned model is also known as HP-SA model.

   The "High Power" was the first military pistol with a large capacity magazine. 13 rounds were arranged in two rows.

   Pistol is quiet expensive and requires precise manufacturing to keep reliability. To run behind I must Browning "High Power" Mark III Self-loading Pistolmention that during the latest years it's production and mechanics were simplified.

   Alongside with the 9 x 19 mm (Para) model there was produced model chambered for 7.65 mm pistol cartridge. Recently FN "High Power" is produced in 10 x 21 mm (.40 S&W) model for civil market. Later mentioned model has a 10 round capacity magazine intended for self-defense.

   Pistol has an opened fixed sight. Although some models are produced with adjustable rear sight and enlarged front one for more accurate shooting. Some WW2 period weapons were completed with wooden holsters serving as removable stocks. Pistols were (and still are) available with wooden grips and lanyard rings.

   A number of clones and copies of "High Power" were manufactured since it's appearance on weapons market till recently. Such are the Hungarian FEG 9, Bulgarian "Arcus" and lots of others.

   In 1980-ties FN developed version of the "High Power" with a "double-action" trigger. This model was named HP-DA. This pistol is recently produced by FN.  

   To sum it up FN "High Power" is a really perfect weapon. However threw years it became morally old and is slightly replaced by modern self-loading pistols.

   It's well designed and recommended internal design is used today developing modern combat pistols. 


   Good fire accuracy. Safety-lock placed from the each side of the slide.


   Quiet uncomfortable handling for person with a large hand. No abilities to connect accessories. Not enough reliability in extreme cnditions.

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