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Multipurpose Army Rifle

"Steyr" AUG


Caliber 5.56 x 45 mm
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with empty magazine) 3500 / 3600 / 3800 g
Overall length  689 / 790 / 892 mm 
Barrels length 407 / 508 / 621 mm 
Fire characteristics
Bullets initial speed 950 m/s
Rate of fire 650 rpm
Practical rate of fire 40 - 100 rpm
Magazine capacity 30, 40 rounds
Sighting range 400 m
Multipurpose Army rifle was developed by company "Steyr" in close relationship with Austrian army. It was adopted by Austrian armed forces in 1978. 

Rifle AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr) has modern design and can be used as airborne assault with 350 mm length barrel, carbine with 407 mm barrel, standard assault rifle with 508 mm and light machine gun with 621 mm barrel. Rifle is supplied with full barrels set and can be recombine by rifleman to modification he needs. Rifle can be easy dismounted into six modules AUG standard assault rifle with 508 mm barrel without any tools. It is officially used by 20 countries army's and special forces. Weapon with it's reliability, fire accuracy and comfortable use is a perfect example for other weapon creators.

Every rifles type is fitted with 1.5x magnification optical sight made like carrying handle. Furthermore there could be connected with bracket some other optical or night sights.

Rifle AUG was developed using "bullpup" principle what allowed to decrease rifles length and made it comfortable not only in the battlefield but in armored personnel carriers as well. "Bullpup" principle also allows to execute fire holding rifle with one hand. One more this scheme advantage is lighter recoil power and rifles tossing after each shot, cause recoil power is pushing weapon directly back but not up like traditional weapons. So using traditional principle rifleman has to re aim after each shot or series. AUG can be comfortably used by right-handed or left-handed shooter. To execute fire from left shoulder you just have to move cartridge-case ejector and turn cartridge-case ejectors chambers panel.

Rifles automatic works on gas returning principle. Gas returning channel is placed fromAUG carbine with 407 mm barrel the right barrel box side. It can execute single or automatic fire. Rifle doesn't have separate fire mode changer. Pushed once it executes single fire and pushing to the end with holding executes unremitting fire. There could be also mounted another type fire mechanism. For example police is supplied rifles with only half-automatic fire regime. Furthermore it is available to use mechanism allowing only fire in three fixed shots. It is said that rifle mechanism and barrels working life is 15 000 shots what is quiet perfect result.

In rifles construction there are widely used light alloys and composite materials. Barrels box is casted from aluminum under high pressure. Hook, magazine and some other parts are plastic. Magazine can be made from transparent plastic what is very useful and allows to control ammunition reserve easily. 

Flame-hider has internal screw for imitational rounds and barrel grenade firing device. It can be also used to cut barbed wire by putting flame-hider on it and shooting through with bullet.

Pistol handle is made with large frame covering all hand. It allows to fire with gloves what is very actual for Alpen riflemen and other troops in winter. At the front barrel box part there is folding additional handle for better weapons stability. Rifle can be equipped with a knife-bayonet or with underbarrel grenade launcher M203.

AUG light machine gun with 621 mm barrel

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