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Flamethrower TOS-1



Type: flamethrower.
Year: 1998
Firing range (m): 400-3500
Calibre (mm): 220
Launching tubes(pcs): 30
Full salvo time(sec) 7.5
Weight(tons) 42
Max speed (km/h) 60
Range(km) 550
Crew: 3
Heavy flamethrower system TOS-1 is intended for a complex defeat of the purposes at the expense of effect of high temperatures and overpressure. TOS-1 can act in various kinds attack and defensive fight for direct fire of support infantry and tanks, moving in their battle(dashing) orders, to strike an attacking alive force of the opponent from the open and closed firing items, to create the centers of fires on district, Into structure of a system TOS-1 enter: the battle(dashing) machine (BM), unguided jet shells (NURS) and transport-charging machine (TZM). The battle(dashing) machine present by itself the launcher mounted on the chassis of the tank. It consists of the chassis, rotary platform with an oscillating part of the launcher, force tracking drives and control system of a light. The oscillating part of the launcher has 30 directing pipes for unguided missiles, established(installed) in general(common) tank with 'bed', through an axes of pins it incorporates with crandles of a rotary platform. The induction of the launcher on the purpose in horizontal and vertical planes is made by force tracking drives.
Control system of a light with costs(~is necessary,stands) from a sight, quantum range finder, ballistic calculator and gauge of a roll. The unguided jet shell consists of a head part with mass and detonator and rocket part on rigid fuel. The trasport-charging machine is intended for transportation NURS, loading and re-loading of the launcher. TZM is assembled on the chassis of a lorry of increased permeability and has the cargo handling system(device).

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