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Sprut-B Antitank Gun

Designed to engage tanks, moving and stationary armored ground targets by direct and indirect fire.
It is capable of all-round fire. The Sprut-B is a smoothbore towed gun provided with a power propulsion unit.
A high rate of aimed fire (6 to 8 rounds per minute) is ensured by the reliably functioning machinery and convenient arrangement of elevating and traversing controls.
Wide and rapid fire maneuver is provided by the carriage with three split trails allowing high laying angles in elevation and traverse. Worm-type mechanisms are used to elevate and traverse the barrel. 
To reduce the effect of various weather conditions, the barrel mounts a special heat protection jacket. 
The Sprut-B gun is equipped with various sighting devices to deliver accurate fire. For direct fire, use is made of the OP4M-48A optical sight in daytime and the 1PN53-1 night sight at night. 
The gun is also provided with the 2Ts33 iron sight which is used jointly with the PG-1M panorama telescope for indirect fire or in the event of optical sight failure. 
The gun can be towed by the Ural-4320 truck or MT-LBu multipurpose tracked prime mover. 
The 125mm Sprut-B smoothbore antitank gun is simple in design, easy to operate and reliable to function. 

125mm Sprut-B
smoothbore antitank gun 

Point blank range in
firing HVAP projectile at 2 m high target, m 
Max firing range with HEF projectile, m 

over 2,000

Max laying angles, deg: 


Traverse, deg 


Permissible continuous fire for one hour, rds 


Laying rate, deg/s: 
elevation traverse 
at least 

at least 0.5 

Max gradient during self-propulsion on dry and stiff soil, deg 


Towed length, mm 


Towed height, mm 


Height to bore of gun, mm 


Towed weight, kg 


Ammunition load, rds



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