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152-mm Towed Artillery Gun

2A36 "Giatsint - B"

"Giatsint-B" 152-mm Artillery Gun

Entered service in 1976
Crew 8
Dimensions and weight
Total weight in combat order  9.76 t
Main gun 2A36 152.4-mm Artillery Gun
Barrel length  54 calibers
Traverse range 50 degrees
Elevation range - 2 to + 57 degrees
Maximum rate of fire 6 rounds/min
Combat load
Projectile weight 46 kg
Projectile initial speed 560 - 945 m/s
Maximum range of fire 28.5 - 30 km
Road towing speed 80 km/h
Cross-country towing speed 45 km/h
Transportability KrAZ-4556 (6x6), KrAZ-260 (6x6), KrAZ-255B (6x6) Army Trucks, AT-T or AT-S Tracked Artillery Tractors
   New 152-mm artillery gun with improved range of fire had been developed in 1968 by Perm Machine-Building Plant Special Design Bureau. Initially this 152-mm gun was designed in two variants: the 2A36 "Giatsint-B" towed artillery gun and it's self-propelled variant - the 2A37 for 2S5 "Giatsint" Self-propelled Artillery Gun. Gun's test models passed trials in 1971-1972. It's serial production began in 1976. The "Giatsint-B" entered service with the Soviet Army artillery brigades and divisions. This gun was also exported to Finland and Iraq.Scheme of the 2A36 "Giatsint-B" Artillery Gun

   The "Giatsint-B" is fitted with a mono-block 54 caliber length barrel completed with a multi-slotted muzzle brake. Muzzle brake consisting from multiple openings is high effective. It weights 141 kilograms and absorbs up to 53% of recoil power. Remaining recoil power is absorbed by hydraulic recoil brake mounted over the barrel and moving with it. It's reverse step is between 950 and 730 millimeters.

   Artillery gun features horizontal lock with a mechanized reloading. Reloading is partially made by hydro pneumatic accumulator. The "Giatsint-B" provides maximum rate of fire in 6 rounds per minute.

   Elevation and turning sector type mechanisms are mounted on gun-carriage upper bench. It allows inclinations from -2° to +57°. Traverse range is 50° (25° to the each side). Elevation and traverse range is adjusted manually. The direct and indirect sights are mounted on the left side of the carriage as are the elevation and traverse mechanisms.

   Pneumatic balancer is mounted on the upper carriage bench as well. Furthermore "Giatsint-B" is completed with a frontal armor shield protecting 8 men crew from firearms bullets and artillery projectiles and mines splinters.

   Lower carriage bench has two legs and a base. Preparing gun in combat order it is jacked on it's base. This feature significantly increases fire stability and consequently the fire accuracy.

   The 2A36 "Giatsint-B" is fed by a separated loaded ammunition designed especially for this gun. It's ammunition is not inter-changeable with earlier artillery systems such as the 152-mm 2S3 "Akatsia". The main "Giatsint-B" ammunition is VOF39 load with OF-29 High-Explosion Fragmentation projectile. It weights 46 kilograms and contains 6.73 kg of A-IX-2 powerful explosives. Considering rate of fire in 6 rounds per minute it means that battery of 8 "Giatsint-B" artillery guns is capable to fire into target up to 2.2 tones of steel and explosives per minute. Projectile muzzle velocity is between 560 - 945 meters per second.

   Fire is executed by a full or reduced power power loads providing range of effective fire in 14.8 - 28.5 kilometers. There was also designed ZVOF86 load with OF-59 Active-Reaction projectile featuring range of effective fire in 30-33 kilometers. Furthermore there are high-explosion armour-piercing, chemical and smoke projectiles in "Giatsint-B" combat load. It is said that this gun can use special low power in 0.1-2 Kilotons nuclear projectile.

   Recently there was developed ZO-13 cluster projectile with fragmentation combat elements, cluster projectile with a self-aiming combat elements fitted with target sensors and also active and passive radio electronic warfare projectile. 

   The "Giatsint-B" is completed with a 4 wheel carriage. It is towed by KrAZ-4556 (6x6), KrAZ-260 (6x6), KrAZ-255B (6x6) army trucks, AT-T or AT-S tracked artillery tractors. Rubber-tire wheels provide high towing speed and improved cross-country performance. Tires have normal ground pressure of 4.8 kg/cm². Each of the front wheels has a hydraulic shock absorber and a manual handbrake.


   2A36 "Giatsint-B" crew is covered with a front armor shield. Furthermore artillery gun features high towing speed.


   Soviet 152-mm artillery guns are less powerful than standard NATO 155-mm.

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