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152-mm Self-Propelled Artillery Gun

2S5 "Giatsint"

2S5 "Giatsint" Self-Propelled Artillery Gun

Entered service in 1976
Crew 5 - 6
Dimensions and weight
Total weight in combat order 28.2 t
Overall length  8 950 mm
Chassis length 7 000 mm
Overall width 3 250 mm
Overall height 2 600 mm
Main gun 2A37 "Giatsint-S" 152.4-mm Artillery Gun
Barrels length 54 calibers
Machine gun 7.62-mm
Traverse range 30 degrees
Elevation range - 2.5 to + 58 degrees
Maximum rate of fire 5 - 6 rounds/min
Combat load
Main gun 30 rounds
Machine gun 1 500 cartridges
Projectiles weight 46 kg
Projectiles initial speed m/s
Maximum range of fire 28.4 - 33 km
Engine power 520 hp.
Maximum road speed  60 km/h
Maximum cross-country speed  25 km/h
Autonomy on roads  500 km
Air transportability medium military transport aircrafts
Slope 60
Vertical step  0.7 m
Ditch  3 m
Ford 1 m
   The 2S5 "Giatsint" Self-Propelled Artillery Gun had been developed since 1968 parallel with the same caliber 2A36 "Giatsint-B" Towed Artillery Gun. The 2S5 entered service with Soviet Army in 1976 and had been produced till the beginning of 90-ties. This artillery gun was used by soviet artillery brigades and divisions. There is one interesting detail that in 1991 Soviet Army units deployed west from Ural maintained 1 122 2S5 "Giatsint" and 2A36 "Giatsint-B" both. Only 9 self-propelled "Giatsint's" were exported to Finland.

   The 2S5 features opened artillery gun mounted in the rear part of the hull. Engine-transmission compartment is placed right in the hull's front. Driving compartment is placed left from the engine-transmission. Commander's turret is right after the driving compartm2S5 "Giatsint" 152-mm Self-Propelled Artillery Gunent. Middle part is used to accommodate 3 other a crew members and combat load.

   Hull is welded from rolled armor plates and protects crew from firearms bullets and artillery projectiles and mines splinters. 30-mm thick frontal armor is greatly inclined and protects from small bore automatic guns bullets. In combat order crew members are outside vehicle and light shield covers only gunner.

   The 2S5 is completed with 2A37 "Giatsint-S" 152-mm Artillery Gun. The 2A37 has similar design with the 2A36. It is mono-block 54 caliber length barrel with a multi-slotted muzzle brake. Gun's lock has an automatic load assist system. Recoil absorbers are hydro-pneumatic. Artillery gun has elevation range from -2.5 to +58 and traverse range in 30 (15 to the each side).

   It uses D726-45 Mechanic Sight with PG-1M panorama and OPChM-91A Optical Sight.

   Gun is reloaded by hydraulic hoist and automatic load assistant. 2A37 features rate of fire in 5-6 rounds2S5 "Giatsint" Self-Propelled Artillery Gun per minute. Vehicle uses a large spade mounted in the rear and additional spade mounted front (on march it is set to the lower front armor plate and it can also act as a self-entrenching blade). These spades provide fire stability and consequently the fire accuracy.

   Preparing for march from combat order the barrel is locked horizontally and spades are raised. It takes 3 minutes for 2S5 "Giatsint" to come into combat order and conversely.

   Artillery gun is fed by the same ammunition as the towed 2A36 "Giatsint-B". These are separately loaded high-explosion fragmentation (with ordinary and active reaction projectiles), cumulative, armor-piercing and smoke projectiles. Range of effective fire with an ordinary OF-29 High-Explosion Fragmentation projectile (weights 46 kilograms) is 28.4 kilometers and with OF-9 Active Reaction projectile is up to 33 kilometers.

   It is said that the "Giatsint" is capable of firing a specially designed 0.1-2 Kilotons power nuclear projectile.

   Recently there were developed there were cluster projectles with fragmentation and self-aiming combat elements (fitted with target sensors) and also active and passive radio electronic warfare projectiles. 2S5 "Giatsint" Self-Propelled Artillery Gun

   Full combat load consists from 60 rounds including 30 rounds transported by 2S5 inside the hull. Projectiles are carried vertically in a carousel stove device. Remaining rounds are transported by a special reloading vehicle. It can be also fed from ammunition on the ground.

   Vehicles additional armament consists from PKT 7.62-mm Machine Gun placed in front of the commander's turret. This machine gun is used to defend from ground and air targets. It's combat load consists from 1 500 cartridges. Machine gun can be operated remotely. Furthermore there is ability to carry "Igla" or "Strela" shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missile systems.

   Vehicle chassis were designed on "Krug" Anti-Aircraft Missile Complex chassis. The 2S5 is powered with B-59 12-cylinder liquid cooled diesel engine. The B-59 reaches 520 hp. power. "Giatsint" is completed with mechanic transmission and planetary gear box.

   Tracked chassis have 6 doubled rubbered bearing rolls from the each board. It has individual torsion suspen2S5 "Giatsint" Self-Propelled Artillery Gunsion fitted with hydraulic shock absorbers. The frontal sprockets are driving.

   The 2S5 "Giatsint" features quiet high mobility performance. It reaches 60 km/h on road and manages 60 slopes, 0.7 meter vertical steps, 3 meter wide trenches, 1 meter depth water obstacles without preparation. It's autonomy on roads is 500 kilometers.

   "Giatsint" is air transportable and can be carried in cargo cabins of medium transport aircrafts.

   It's equipment includes fire-prevention equipment, internal communication devices and radio equipment. It is also fitted with a Nuclear, Biological, Chemical protection system and infrared night equipment for driver and commander.


   2S5 "Giatsint" Artillery Gun is covered with armor shield. This feature is an advantage comparing with US M-107 175-mm Self-Propelled Artillery Gun that does not provide crew protection on march or in combat order. The 2S5 also features good rate of fire and ability to carry a combat load. Furthermore it is air transportable.


   Soviet (Russian) 152-mm caliber is less powerful than standard NATO 155-mm.

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