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Multiple Launch Rocket System



Model SS-30 SS-40 SS-60 SS-80
Entered service in 1983
Crew 3
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight in combat order 10 000 kg
Overall length 7 m
Width 2.9 m
Height 2 m
Caliber 127-mm 180-mm 300-mm 300-mm
Number of launching tubes 32 16 4 4
Combat load
Number of rockets 32 16 4 4
Rocket's weight 68 kg 152 kg 595 kg ?
Maximum firing range 30 km 35 km 60 km 90 km
Minimal firing range 9 km 15 km 20 km 22 km
Engine Mercedes-Benz diesel
Engine power 280 hp
Maximum road speed 65 km/h
Vertical obstacle 1 m
Trench 2.29 m
Ford 1.1 m

The ASTROS II or Artillery SaTuration ROcket System was developed by Avibras and entered service with Brazilian Army in 1983. The ASTROS II is a self-propelled multiple launch rocket system. It is based on the 6x6 all-terrain vehicle and has a modular design. This MLRS employs rockets of various calibers, ranging from 127-mm to 300-mm.

ASTROS II SS-40 MLRS The main variants of the ASTROS II are the SS-30, SS-40, SS-60 and the SS-80. These were optimized for various rocket calibers, however rocket platforms were interchangeable. Launching vehicle carried between 4 and 32 rockets depending on the model. The SS-80 with 300-mm rockets has a maximum range of fire in 90 kilometers. Ammunition type includes high explosive rockets, cluster warheads fitted with anti-personnel or anti-tank mines, or runway denial warheads.

Ammunition resupply vehicles for the ASTROS II carry 2 complete loads for each launcher. The command and control vehicle coordinates fire direction of firing missions of up to 3 ASTROS batteries.

The ASTROS II became the most profitable project of the Avibras. During the 1980s Avibras sold over 60 ASTROS II MLRS systems to Iraq and undisclosed number of units to Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Malaysia has also ordered a number of ASTROS II systems and first deliveries being made in 2002. Furthermore Iraq operated a number of license-built versions of the SS-60, locally designated designated as the Sajil-60. The ASTROS II artillery system was used in action by the Iraqi Army during the Gulf Wars.

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