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Armored Personnel Carrier

Terrex AV81

Terrex AV81

Entered service in -
Crew 2
Personnel 12
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight in combat order ?
Overall length 7 mm
Chassis length 7 mm
Width 2.7 mm
Height 2.1 mm
Main gun -
Machine guns 1 x 12.7-mm MG
Grenade launchers 1 x 40-mm
Engine Caterpillar C9 diesel
Engine power 400 hp
Maximum road speed 110 km/h
Maximum amphibious speed on water 10 km/h
Autonomy on roads 800 km
Slope 60%
Vertical obstacle 0.7 m
Trench 2 m
Ford Amphibious

The Terrex AV81 armored personnel carrier was developed in 2000 by Irish Timoney for Singapore Technology Kinetics. At the moment the Terrex AV81 is offered for various customers worldwide, but is not in serial production. At least one of the vehicles was aimed at the Turkish armed forces, while another one was configured to suit possible Belgian requirement.

Vehicle has a number of significant survivability features, including a V-shaped hull for better mine protection. The Terrex comes with an NBC protection system as standard. Appliqué armor kits can be added if necessary.

The Terrex APC has a number of unique features including modular design and replaceable roof. These features allow a quick change of roles by mounting various armament fit. Terrex AV81

An APC variant is armed with a 12.7-mm machine gun and a 40-mm automatic grenade launcher, while there are proposed a number of other variants, ranging from an infantry fighting vehicle with a 30-mm cannon, to ATGW carrier or 105-mm fire support vehicle.

The Terrex AV81 APC comes with a Caterpillar C9 turbocharged diesel, developing 400 hp at 2 200 rpm. Furthermore it is also proposed with an electric hybrid drive system. Another significant feature of the Terrex is a patented Timoney double wishbone independent suspension system. It has a hydro-pneumatic struts with real time damping control. Such features give it an exceptional mobility and speed. Vehicle is amphibious and fords water obstacles without preparation with a maximum speed of up to 10 km/h. It's dimensions allow to airlift it with any medium transport aircraft.

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