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Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle

EE - 3 "Jararaca"


EE-3 "Jararaca" armored reconnaissance vehicle

Entered service in 1980
Crew 3
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight in combat order  5.8 t
Overall length   4 136 mm
Chassis length   4 136 mm
Overall width  2 235 mm 
Overall height    1 560 mm
Main gun  12.7-mm machine gun
Traverse range  360 degrees 
Combat load
Main gun 800 rounds
Machine gun cartridges
Engine power  120 h.p.
Maximum road speed   100 km/h
Autonomy on roads  700 km 
Vertical step  0.4 m
Ditch  0.5 m
Ford 0.6 m
   EE-3 "Jararaca" light wheeled armored reconnaissance vehicle was developed by Brazilian company "Engesa" at the end of 70-ties. Vehicle is intended for reconnaissance and patrolling. Furthermore it was intended to use as a self-propelled chassis base, fitted with anti-tank or anti-aircraft guided missile complexes. EE-3 is serially produced by "Engesa" company since 1980. It is used with Brazilian armored forces and is exported to a number of African and Latin-American countries.

   Driving compartment is placed at the front, combat compartment - at the middle, and engine compartment is placed at the rear part of the hull. Vehicle crew consists from driver, commander, and signaler-observer.

   "Jararaca" has a full closed armored hull, made from multi-layer welded armor, also used with other "Engesa" company wheeled armored vehicles. Such armor is made from two layers of steel: external layer is rigid, while internal layer is less rigid, but more tough. Brazilian research showed that such armor design increases vehicles armored defense. Such defense additionally protects crew from vehicles armor shells, appearing after direct hit of anti-tank gun, guided missile, or grenade launcher.

   Driving compartment is fitted with three periscope observation devices. Driver gets to his compartment threw a hatch in the roof. Rotating commander's turret is placed behind the driving compartment in the right side from vehicles central axis. Commander's turret is also fitted with three periscope observation devices. 12.7-mm machine gun is mounted on the turret roof. Machine gun can be fired distantly from the inside of the turret. Signaler's-observers seat is placed left from the commander's turret. Signaler has it's separate hatch. Besides "Jararaca" has entrance threw armored door placed in the middle of the left board.

   Vehicle is fitted with 4-cylinder OM 314A 120 h.p. diesel engine, developed by "Mercedes-Benz". Vehicle is blocked with "Clark" mechanical transmission.

   "Jararaca's" chassis has 4 x 4 wheel formula. Frontal wheels are directing. Wheels have independent suspension, based on springs and hydraulic absorbers. Vehicle is fitted with a wider dimension tyres with developed protector pattern and centralized air pressure system.

   On the road EE-3 reaches maximum speed of 100 km/h. It manages 0.4 m vertical step, 0.5 m wide trench, 0.6 m ford. Vehicle has no movement on water abilities.

   "Jararaca" is equipped with radio set, night vision device, fire-extinguishing means. It can be additionally fitted with Nuclear Biological Chemical protection system.

   On EE-3 base there were developed self-propelled anti-tank missile complex "Milan" and chemical and radioactive reconnaissance vehicle. There were built "Jararaca" variants fitted with 7.62-mm machine gun, 20-mm automatic gun, 60-mm grenade launcher, or 104-mm recoilless gun. 

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