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Fighter Aircraft

JAK - 141

NATO Codename "Freestyle"

Crew 1
Entered service in -
Dimensions and weight 
Length 18.3 m
Wing span 10.1 m
Height  5 m
Weight (normal) 15.8 t
Maximum take off weight 19.5 t
Engines 1 x DTRD R-79, 2 x DTRD RD-41
Traction 1 x 15 500 kg
Altitude 15.5 km
Maximum speed 1 850 km/h
Flying range 1 010 km
Aviation gun 30-mm gun GSh-30-1
Missiles "Air-to-air" missiles R-27, R-33, R-40, R-60, R-73; "air-to-surface" Kh-31A, Kh-35, Kh-25MP, Kh-25MTRL, Kh-25MP; unoperating aviation missiles 96 x S-5, 80 x S-8, 20 x S-13 or 4 x S-24.
Bombs including nuclear
    First  JAK-141 test multipurpose fighter aircraft was built in 1986 in A.S.Jakovlev's Design Bureau. This is first aircraft in it's class, passed supersonic speed. New fighter have gained 12 global records including vertical speed up, reaching maximum height with 1 and 2 t load with vertical take-off and landing. In vertical speed up in 12 km JAK-141 "Freestyle" surpassed vertical take-off and landing fighter aircraft AV-8BJAK-141 to change JAK-36 "Harrier II" in 10 seconds. Furthermore it reached record in warm season with 1 t load while "Harrier" took-off without load in cold season (better conditions for aviation engines). JAK-141 "Freestyle" was firstly publicly shown Le'Burge in 38-th international airspace exhibition.

JAK-141 "Freestyle" is multipurpose vertical take-off and landing supersonic fighter intended to intercept air targets, attack ground and sea targets. It can be used on unprepared or small dimension runways or on ships as Naval multipurpose fighter. JAK-141 is able to take-off without maneuvers on runway directly from aviation dugout's run-track. This factor allows to make quick massive JAK's-141 squadron take-off involving in air combat or taking away from nuclear attack what was especially important during the "Cold War".  

Navigational complex provides manual and automatic aircrafts piloting from take-off to landing day or night and in different weather conditions at all geographical regions. Aircraft's control system includes multi regime board radiolocation station with common indication and allows to use different weapon types. Some time ago developer's team decided the main aircrafts JAK-141 modernization directions: increasing flight and technical characteristics in case of  increasing vertical engines power, increasing maximum fuel capacity and lowering aircrafts radiolocation visibility. 

In case of financial troubles JAK-141 "Freestyle" haven't been developed serially yet. However such countries like Italy, India, Argentina have stated desire to purchase this aircraft for their national Air Force's. JAK-141 modernized variant got indexation JAK-41M

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