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Bomber TU-160 BlackJack

W. (tons):


Combat load weight (tons):


Speed (km/h):


Dimensions (m):

35,6/55,7 x 54,1 x 13,1

Service seiling (m):


Range (km):



4 DRTD-NK32, 4 x 25,500 kgs

Fuel weight (kg):




Concrete runway lenght (m):




24 AA Kh-15
12 AS Kh-55 (strategic cruise)


highly computerised systems: intergrated aiming, navigation, flight control systems (navigation and attack radars, electronic countermeasure, and full automatic controls; fly-by-wire controls...


aerial bombs (40 tons)

In the beginning of the 70-th years in reply to the American program of creation supersonic strategic bomber A-1A in USSR was conducted competition of the projects multimode strategic bomber with a wing of changed geometry. The project by OKB Myasishev has taken the first place. However weakness of industrial basis has forced IS SMALL to transmit the order more high-power OKB Tupolev. In 1980 the first copy new bomber, received a title Tu-160 was constructed. In 1981 Tu-160 for the first time was lifted in an air. In 1986 at the Kazan airfactory the assembly serial Tu-160 began. In 1987 the first serial machine has arrived to AF. According to the initial plans, it was supposed to manufacture a series from 100 planes Tu-160, however now on financial reasons the order have reduced up to 40 machines. The distant aircraft in conditions of an economic crisis and restriction, caused by it, of financing of the air programs needs cheaper variant strategic bomber, have the improved operating performances. Tu-160 - largest from all before created as in USSR, and abroad bombers. The airplane is executed under the integrated scheme with smooth interface of a wing and fuselage. The wing of changed geometry ensures flight on various structures, saving high performances both on supersonic, and on a subsonic velocity. Bomber has all-moving vertical and horizontal installations, that in a combination to integrated arrangement and low disposition of crew considerably reduces EPR. A feature of a construction of a glider is the titanum beam representing total kesson with knots of a turn of consoles of a wing. To a beam which is taking place through all airplane, fasten and main force elements of a glider. Bomber "hose - cone" is equipped by a system of refuelling in an air of a type. The receiving bar fueltank receiver in a non-working position is removed in a nose of a fuselage before a cabin of the pilots. The crew Tu-160 places in two two-place cabins equipped with the seats K-36DM. The power plant consists of 4-th DTRDF of a construction of Kuznetsov OKB, placed in two gonolas under fixed parts of a wing and have adjustable air intakes with a vertical wedge. Into structure BREO enter the complex including an astronavigational system, inertial navigational system, PrNK, radar, intended for detection of the ground and marine purposes at a great distance, optical-electronic bomber sight, active and passive inproved systems REF is shock - navigational. In a tail cone the containers with IR by traps and dipole reflectors are placed. In an extreme back part of a fuselage is located thermal locator, discovering coming nearer with an aft hemisphere missiles and airplanes of the opponent. The total number of digital processors which are being available onboard a plane, exceeds 100. The job of the navigation officer is completed by 8 digital COMPUTERS. The crew cabins are equipped with electromechanical indicators and indicators on ELT. Each from the pilots has on one information indicator on ELT. The job of the navigation officer is equipped with several indicators on ELT both with round, and with rectangular screens. The airplane is equipped with an analog electroremote control system. For the first time in a jet airstructure for management of the serial heavy machine the handle of interceptor type, instead of steering wheel is applied. For improving conditions of a habitability for want of intercontinental flights bomber is equipped with a sleeping place, toilet, by elctronic cabinet for warming up of food. Structurally Tu-160 is close American strategic bomber A-1, but in difference from it all battle load bears on the internal suspension, that considerably reduces EPR of a plane. The plane is equipped threebased chassis with twin bottles on sprockets. Main racks threebase, forward rack monoaxial. Tu-160 can be used not only in quality bomber, but also as a peculiar first stage for a conclusion in space satellites. In this case under a fuselage the special winged rocket "Burlak" is suspended. This combination allows to remove into polar orbits of height 500-700 kms the companions by a mass of 300-500 kgs with the minimum costs. Heavy multimode, multiple objective strategic bomber Tu-160 on a unanimous evaluation of the experts is by the most high-power shock aviation complex in the world.

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