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Bomber TU-16 Badger

W. (tons):


Speed (km/h):


Dimensions (m):

33,0 x 33,8 x 10,4

Alt. (m):


Range (km):



2 TRDRD-3M, 2 x 9'500 kgs







total: ?


23 mm DP AM-23



Tupolev's OKB, using experience accumulated during creation jet bombers, serial Tu-14 and experimental Tu-82, in the beginning 1950. A beginning of work on creation new jet bomber of distant aircraft with a wing. The experimental machine has received an index "88". Model of a new airplane in designer collective, managed by A. Mikulin, in 1947-1951 have constructed and have tested new large-sized TRD AM-E with draft 9500 kgs. On 1951 it was the largest and high-power drive in the world. The cost of an air new TRD made 150 kg/sec. However for want of to arrangement of a drive on a airplane there were difficulties in connection with it by large sizes, especially from it in length. In an outcome of experiments it was necessary to refuse initial accommodation TRD under a wing. It was accepted a solution to place upgraded TRD RD-3 on each side of fuselage in a rooted part of a wing. To prevent an overheating of the plating of a fuselage from exhaust gases, the axeses TRD were turned around on some degrees from an axes of a fuselage. The flight tests of bomber of the average distance which has received the title Tu-16, were begun in 1952. On May holidays 1954 first nine were shown in flight above Moscow serial Tu-16. Per Day of aircraft in August 1955 above by air station 54 planes Tu-16 in build have passed already. Tu-16 represents a monoplane with a wing have four aerodynamic crests. The control system consists of ailerons and classical tail with control surfaces of height and direction. In a fuselage of a round cut sequentially are placed a cabin of the navigation officer (have large square glass), cabin of the pilots, a bomber compartment, cabin of an operator of gun aims and in a tail part - cabin arrow. The chassis threebased with twin bottles on sprockets (permitting to make flights from ground air stations). The main racks the chassis in flight are removed in wings points. Tu-16 is equipped with a system of refuelling in an air. The plane in variant missile-bomber can bear various types of rockets "air - surface" permitting to strike both stationary, and mobile purposes.
Bomber is equipped by means REF, ensuring statement of passive and active parasites in a broad band of frequencies. In Peoples Republic of China the serial issue bombers Tu-16 under a label Y-6 was adjusted under the license. An apart from of China, Tu-16 was delivered in Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iraq and number of other countries. Tu-16 was actively used by AF USSR for plotting boms of impacts on items mojaheds in Afghanistan. Bombers made square bombing from large height in night time. Bombers were used in a number of the arab-Israeli armed conflicts, so have built up a reputation for itself by the reliable, unpretentious machine. On the basis of Tu-16 was constructed about 50 various updatings, including the first domestic jet passenger aeroplane Tu-104 (on passenger updating the wings, drives and chassis Tu-16) were used without modifications. After the issue 2000 machines to 1960 production Tu-16 was contracted. Tu-16 in various updatings till now is used in battle parts of AF of Russia.

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