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Bomber SU-34

W. (tons):

39- 45,1

Speed (km/h):


Dimensions (m):

14,0 x 23,3 x 6,36

Service seiling (m):


Range (km):



1'250/2100 (landing)/950(parach)


2 TDRD-AL35F, 2 x 14'800 kgs







AA (R-73, R-77, RVV-AE)
AS (hi-pres. autonomous)


30 mm DP GSh-301 (180 rounds) rate of fire: 1500 r/m; m.v: 860 m/sec


bombs KAB-500 (laser -guided)

The first serial airplane Su-34 was lifted in an air in 1993. The planes of this type should replace in russian AF and Navy front bombers Su-24, released in 1971-1993. Su-34 is intended for a defeat dot covered ground and marine purposes without dependence from time of day and weather conditions. The export updating has the name Su-32GO. Su-34 is executed under the scheme "threeplane" with all-moving forward horizontal. The airplane has an enlarged capacity of internal fuel tanks ensuring, without application PTB, practical distance of flight of 4000 kms (twice it is more, than at Su-24 OR F-15). With three refuellings Su-34 is capable to overcome a distance 14000 km, that is commensurable with distance of airplanes of strategic aircraft. The onboard electronics engineering ensuring crew with a full information about parameters of flight and enclosing space, condition of onboard systems and power plant, purposes in an air on ground, on a surface of water and under water, about means of radar-tracking detection and REF of the opponent, about AD and degree of threat, created by them concerns to one from the important features of a new airplane. In a cabin the colour liquid-crystal screen indicators with a high degree of visibility are installed. The information about failures both catastrophes and optimum solutions on withdrawal from complicated flight situations is entered into memory of a system of artificial safety. For want of it the true coordinates of a plane, velocity and direction of air streams are taken into account. Residual of fuel etc. In a number of cases (for example, for want of heavy wounds of the members of crew, loss of consciousness) the system start. a solution about ejection of the pilots. Su-34 is equipped multifunctional BRLS with an increased resolving power. The station is capable simultaneously to monitor the several air and ground purposes. Besides onboard there is a optical-electronic complex. Structure of a complex BREO includes INS on laser gyroscopes, means of radionavigation, a satellite navigational system and system of communication. On 12 knots of the external suspension the high-precision controlled rockets of a class "air - surface" can be placed.
Other high-precision weapon from an arsenal Su-34 are the corrected bombs. For a defeat radar of the opponent, and also for struggle with airplanes DRLO bomber can be equipped antiradar rockets X-31P. In structure of arms are present missiles of a class "air - air" of average distance RVV-AE and rocket of small distance with TGS R-73 or R-73M. Total mass of a battle load on external knots of the suspension of 8000 kgs. On the basis of Su-34 there is a plane - scout equipped with a new multichannel prospecting complex and intended for a replacement of the scout Su-24MR, and also airplane REF (for a replacement Su- 24MP).

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