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Fighter SU-17 Fitter-C

W. (tons):

16,4- 19,5

Speed (km/h):


Dimensions (m):

10,0/13,7 x 19,0 x 5,0

Alt. (m):


Range (km):



1 TRD- AL21-F3, 1 x 1'150 kgs







total: ?


2/ 30 mm NR-30



In 1965 in Sukhoi OKB have begun creation of a new fighter - bomber with changed geometry of a wing on the basis well recommending itself of Su-7. In 1967 the experimental copy of a new plane, under a label Su-7IG, was shown to the audience on air parade "Domodedovo". In 1970 the new machine which has received the title Su-17, was accepted on arms. Main difference from the predecessor has become a wing of changed geometry. For simplification of a construction and fastest start in batch production, rotary have executed only trailer parts of wings (mobile part of a wing was installed approximately on half of each console). In an outcome the conducted completions (in a comparison with Su-7) have not reduced in an essential modification of the "know-how". In the first updatings Su-17 was intended for a defeat of the ground, surface and air purposes, and also management of tactical air investigation (the prospecting equipment was placed in containers under a wing). Since updating Su-17M4 the decrease of requests to high-speed performances of fighters - bombers intended mainly for operations at small heights with a transonic velocity, has allowed to refuse the adjustable air intake. In an outcome of conducted modernizing the maximum velocity has decreased from 2300 km/h at Su-17M3 to 1850 km/h at Su-17M4. By the positive party of modernizing was the essential facilitation and simplification of a construction of a glider. The airplane is equipped threebase chassis with unary bottles on sprockets. The application of a pneumatic of low pressure has allowed to maintain a plane from air stations have grassy cover. The cabin of the pilot is equipped with an ejected seat K-36 of a class 0-0.
On a lantern of a cabin is located the periscope for the review of an aft hemisphere. The airplane for a diminution of length of run is supplied with the drogue parachute. Installed on Su-17G3 aim - navigational complex KN-23, including laser range finder "maple - program facilities", shooter-bombing sight ASP-17BTs-8 and the radioaltimeter SA-5, allows to execute flight with a supersonic velocity at small heights in an automatic mode. The serial issue Su-17 was carried out with 1970. On 1990 Su-17 was actively used in battle operations in Afghanistan, in a number of the arab-Israeli conflicts. The apart from of countries of CIS Su-17 consists on arms Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Cubes, India, Iraq and number of other countries. Su-17 alongside with Mig-27 is a main front fighter - bomber of AF Russia. The production line of the Su-17 ended in 1990.

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