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Fighter - Interceptor

Su - 15

NATO Designation "Flagon"

The Su-15 "Flagon" fighter-interceptor

Crew 1
Entered service in 1965
Dimensions and weight 
Length 21.4 m
Wing span 9.3 m
Height  4.8 m
Weight (empty) 17.9 t
Engines 2 x R-13-F2-300 turbojet engines
Traction 2 x 6 600 kg
Maximum speed 2 230 km/h
Service ceiling 17 500 m
Flying range 1 210 km
Aviation gun Gsh-301 30-mm aviation gun
Missiles 4 x K-8 or R-60 missiles
   At the beginning of 1960s P.O.Sukhoi design bureau began projecting a new T-58 fighter-interceptor. On the 30th May 1962 this aircraft made it's first flight. In July 1962 fighter was first publicly presented at the air parade at Moscow Domodedovo airport and entered service in 1965. Aircraft received soviet Su-15 designation and was known as "Flagon" with NATO countries. Till 1972Scheme of the Su-15 fighter-interceptor there were produced 400 Su-15 fighters-interceptors.

   At the beginning of 1970s a small group of Su-15 interceptors were directed to Egypt to protect Cairo from Israel air forces attacks. In 1980 Soviet Union operated approximately 700 such aircraft. In September 1983 Su-15 interceptor in Kuril Islands region defeated South Korean Boeing-747.

   The "Flagon" is completed with 2 underfuselage and 4 underwing hardpoints. Standard armament consists from one infra-red guided missile and one missile with radio guidance. Overall it carries up to 4 missiles such as K-8 or R-60. Aircraft is directed into target by the help of "Vozduh-1" ground automatic direction complex. Su-15 "Flagon" fuel storage system consists from 3 fuselage, 1 wing and 2 podded fuel tanks. Pilot's cockpit is fitted with KC-4 ejection seat. Cockpit features good observation from the inside. Recently Su-15 "Flagon" aircraft are out-dated and are not operated by Russia and replaced by other operators.

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