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Attack-Fighter Aircraft

MIG - 27

NATO Codename "Flogger B"

Crew 1
Entered service in 1973
Dimensions and weight 
Length 17.1 m
Wing span 7.8 - 14 m
Height  6 m
Weight (normal) 18.1 t
Maximum take off weight 20.7 t
Engines 1 x TRD R-29F-300
Traction 11 484 kgs
Altitude 17 km
Maximum speed 1 880 km/h
Flying range 1 500 - 2 100 km
Aviation gun 30-mm 9A-621 six barrel rotary gun
Missiles "Air-to-air" missiles R-60M, K-13; "air-to-surface" missiles Kh-23, Kh-25, Kh-29, Kh-31, Kh-35, Kh-58; unoperating missiles 96 x S-5, 80 x S-8, 20 x S-13, 4 x S-24.
Bombs 4.5 t (ordinary, corrected or nuclear)
   Attack-fighter aircraft MIG-27 made it's first flight in 1973. It was serially produced from 1973 till 1977. There were built 560 this type aircrafts. Attack-fighter MIG-27 is further development of attack aircrafts with changeable wing geometry MIG-23B, MIG-23BN, MIG-23BM, MIG-23BK.

   Attack-fighter aircraft intended to work in low altitudes in near supersonic speed had lower speed requirements than ordinary fighters. It allowed to reject controlling air injector what noticeably simplified aircraft's construction. MIG-27 built in 1973 was intended to strike against stationary and mobile ground and sea targets. MIG's-27 combat vitality is reached by added armored plates and front armed glass. Furthermore it has fuel tanks filled with neutral gas.  

   First modification MIG-27 aircraft's radio electronic system contained sighting-navigation complex PrHK-23 with digital processor, laser rangefinder "FON", navigational computer KN-23, Doppler navigational radio location station NI-506, voice emergency signalization device.

  MIG's-27 further development became modification MIG-27K. Aircraft was fitted with more powerful board radio electronical system. It contained PrNK-23K "KAIRA". Cameras were used to track targets. Pilot's cockpit was fitted with monochrome TV indicator. Aircraft is fitted with almost automatic defense complex containing infrared trap's ejectors and dipole mirroring devices. Fire control system allowed automatic single or serial bomb throwing.

   MIG-27K became first aircraft armed with perfect high-speed missiles and corrective aviation bombs as well. Became available to use missiles with laser guidance. MIG-27K is fitted with indicator placed on frontal glass, "KORAL-I" close navigation radio equipment.

   From 1977 till 1982 there were produced 200 such aircrafts. Simplified modification MIG-27M produced in 1978 - 1983 was fitted with laser rangefinder-target shower "Klion". MIG-27M has no indicator on front glass.

   MIG-27A was developed in case of object first series MIG's-27 to reach MIG-27M charracteristics. Earlier built MIG-27 were reequipped with MIG's-27M board radio electronic systems.

   MIG-27D fitted with special equipment could be used as a frontline reconnaissance aircraft.

   MIG-27ML is aircraft's export variant produced in 1982 and it has simplified board radio electronic equipment. This aircraft was developed for export to India. 

   Opposite to MIG-23, MIG-27 almost haven't been used in combat actions except Afghanistan.  

MIG-27ML used by India Air Forces

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