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Attack Plane IL-102

W. (tons):


Speed (km/h):


Dimensions (m):

50,0 x 47,0 x 15,0

Alt. (m):


Range (km):



4 D30kp, 11'984 kgs








23 mm DP NR-23


bombs KAB500/1500 incl. nucl.

total: 13 tons

Il-102 has made the first flight in 1982. The new plane has passed state tests, however solution about batch production was not accepted. In a series was started attack jet by Sukhoi OKB Su-25. In 1992 Il-102 was on display on the Russian airspace exhibition "Mosaeroshow-92" and was offered on sale of the representatives of foreign countries. Il-102 is further development first Soviet attack plane with TRD IL-40, created in 1953. Il-102 is executed under the normal aerodynamic scheme with low-set wing. The features of arrangement of a airplane Il-40 are saved: crew consisting of the 2-nd person, fuel tanks and two drives are placed in a central part near to centre of masses of a airplane, that has allowed to reduce square of booking and to improve manoeuvrable qualities of attack jet. The wing of a plane has a rather thick structure permitting to place in its rooted part 6 bomb compartments. Wings directed downwards, in their face parts the place for installation of the block of an ejection "automaton - F" with IR by traps and dipole reflectors is stipulated. Kiel with a developed dorsal fin is supplied with a control surface of a direction.
The fuselage has characteristic "hump", in which the cabins of the pilot, arrow, part BREO and fuel tanks are located. In a tail part on each side of fuselage two aerodynamic brakes are installed. A forward and back cabin have flat armourglass. Three based chassis ensures a possibility of operation of a airplane with ground landing, capable to sustain pressure 5 kg/sm2. The fuel is placed in 6 protected tanks located in a central part of a fuselage and the protected reservations. On two underfuselage knots of the external suspension two can be suspended PTB till 800 litres. The power plant consists of two unafterburning DTRD (variant of drives installed on the fighter Mig-29). The application of a reversion and system of a rejection of thrust vector is supposed. In a cabin of the pilot the collimating sight S-17BTs is installed, the possibility of application of a radiosight of aim systems is stipulated. Arrows is equipped with an aim system KPS-53-A, including a sight PAU-475-2M with an optical range finder and calculator. The airplane is equipped with ejected seats K-3iA. As a whole Il-102 on main performances is similar American A-10A.

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