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Fighter Aircraft

F - 15 "Strike Eagle"

Crew 1
Entered service in 1972
Dimensions and weight 
Length 19.5 m
Wing span 13 m
Height  5.7 m
Weight (normal) 30.6 t
Engines 2 x Pratt-Whitney F100-PW-100
Traction 11250 kg
Altitude 19.7 km
Maximum speed 1 450 km/h
Flying range 5 500 km
Aviation gun 6 barrel 20-mm rotary gun M-61A1 "Volcano"
Missiles 4 x AIM-9L/M "Sidewinder", 4 x AIM-7F/M "Sparrow", or 8 x AIM-120
Aircraft F-15 "Strike Eagle" is all weather, high maneuver tactical fighter developed to conquer air superiority. The McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle has been the West's premier air defense fighter for nearly two decades, and it remains one of the most capable fighters in the world. It recommended well oneself during the Gulf War.

Nearly 1,000 F-15s have been produced, and are in service with the US Air Force, the Israeli Heyl Ha'Avir, the Royal Saudi Arabian Air Force and Japan's Air Self-defense Force

Fighter "Eagle" compatible in oneself abilities such as high maneuverability, great action range, powerful armament and modern avionics. Fighter is able to intrude deeply into enemies territory - it  surpasses in speed, dynamic and combat abilities a great number of existing aircrafts. F-15 has electronic armament control system, which allows to notice, overtake and automatically lead target; observe enemy aircrafts independently from what sides air space they are. Armament and flight control systems developed that even one pilot could safely and effective take air combat.

High F-15 maneuverability and fast lifting are reached by high engine traction and low wing's load. Low wing's load (aircrafts weights and wing's squares ratio) is the most important factor affecting on aircrafts maneuverability and in relationship with high traction armament ratio it gives ability to make narrow rotation without speeds decreasing.  

Aircraft F-15 differs from other fighters in universal avionics. It contains projected board indicator, improved radar, inertial navigation system, dimensional equipment, ultra high wave communication system, tactical navigation system and landing on dimensional devices system. Furthermore aircraft is fitted with tactical radio electronic counteraction system, "own-enemy" detection system, radio electronic suppression system and central computer. 

Board indicator projects on frontal glass device information and information gathered by integrated avionic system. Indicator can be seen with every kind of illumination or without it. This indicator is giving pilot all information necessary to find and destroy enemies aircrafts.

Multiple radar system based on impulse-Doppler effect can detect low or high flying targets notwithstanding on interference incoming from signal  reflected by ground surface. Radar supplies central computer all necessary information on target for effective armament control. For a short-range combat radar overtakes enemy aircraft to automatic leading and this information is shown on board indicator. 

F-15 radio electronic duel system gives danger messages and automatically takes fighters saving means. "Own-enemy" detection system informs pilot what sides aircrafts are in radars visibility territory. 

Aircraft carries different "air-to-air" class armament. When pilot changes one armament system to another, visual control for that armament type is automatically projected on boards indicator.

Fighter "Strike Eagle" can be fitted with separate combinations of four type "air-to-air" class armament:

-AIM-7F/M "Sparrow" missiles or improved medium range missiles AIM-120 placed under fuselage, 

-AIM-9L/M "Sidewinder" missiles or AIM-120 placed on two pylons under wings,

-20-mm six barrel rotary aviation gun M 61 with 940 rounds combat load placed in the right wings connection with fuselage place.

The F-15 fighter had a number of modifications. Firstly the original F-15A single seat fighter. Modification F-15B was intended for two pilots. These modifications were followed by F-15C and F-15D respectively which became a standard production in June 1979. The F-15 has also formed a basis for the F-15E attack aircraft which is one of the most capable attack aircraft in service today.

For F-15C and F-15D modifications there were specially developed conformal additional fuel tanks with low aerodynamic resistance. Every fuel tank has 3 solid meter capacity. With additional lifting fuel tanks fighter doesn't need to make fuel supplement in the air during a long flight on a combat operation. Missiles AIM-7F/M "Sparrow" or AIM-120 an be connected directly with additional fuel tanks.

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