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Transport Aircraft

AN - 72

NATO Codename "Coaler"


Crew 3
Entered service in 1978
Engines 2 x D-36 or D-436
Traction 2 x 6 374 kgs
Maximum speed 705 km/h
Flying range 4 800 km
Passengers 67 passengers or 57 paratroopers 
Armament (only AN-72P patrol variant)
Aviation gun GSh-23 aviation gun
Missiles 64 x S-5 unoperating missiles

   Transport aircraft AN-72 made it's first flight on 22 December 1977. This is short take-off and landing aircraft in case of engines placed over the wings what increases lifting traction.

   Engines are two turbo boosted reaction engines D-36 or D-436 with traction reveres both. Aircraft is fitted with navigation-meteorological radio location set, digital Doppler's navigation system, radio navigational equipment, indicator with moving map. Hermetic cargo compartment places 68 passengers or 57 paratroopers, or 24 injured passengers. It has mechanized load and discharge devices.  

   Patrol variant AN-72P is has been using by borderline forces. This modification is equipped with day observation television system. AN-72P is armed with two blocks of unoperating missiles placed on underwing hardpoints and two barrel aviation gun GSh-23 placed on the right wing. Cargo compartment is fitted with 4 bomb holders placed under cargo ramp. Bombs can be thrown away during flight with pushed under fuselage cargo ramp.

   Aircraft AN-72 is used by Russian and Ukraine Military-Transport Aviation. It is built in Arsenevo, Omsk and Charikov aviation plants in close cooperation.

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