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Heavy Transport Aircraft

AN - 225 "Mriya"

Dream [English]

Crew 6
Entered service in 1988
Dimensions and weight 
Length 84 m
Wing span 88 m
Height  18 m
Weight (normal) 250 t
Maximum take off weight 508 t
Engines  6 x D-18T turbines Progress/Lotaryov
Traction 23 370 kgs
Altitude 11 km
Maximum speed 850 km/h
Flying range 15 600 km
Maximum useful cargo load 450 t

   AN-225 is heavy transport aircraft. It made it's first flight on 21-th December 1988 three weeks later after official presentation. On 22-th March 1989 AN-225 conquered 106 world records during 3 hour 47 minute flight in closed way Kiev - Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) - Kiev without landing. AN-225 was flying with 156 300 kg cargo load. It reached altitude highest in 12 400 m. Flight was made by captain A. Galunenko and 7 crew members.

   AN-225 "Mriya" became first transport aircraft able to lift 450 t useful cargo. Furthermore it is the biggest aircraft in world's aviation history.

   AN-225 has hydraulic rudders controlled by computer net. It makes aircraft more sensitive. Aircraft has 6 D-18T reaction turbines with traction reveres. Crew contains from 6 members. First and second pilots sit on fully adjustable seats which turn to easier access. Communication and navigation specialist is placed right after pilots. Two board engineers are placed from the right cockpit's side. There is intended room for one more full crew.

   Aircraft's avionics includes automatic flight control system and displays with dynamic map. AN-225 has no electronic flight control displays. Two dialectical areas in fuselages nose compartment screens meteorological radiolocation front sight radar and ground navigation or aerial survey radar.

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