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Attack Aircraft


AMX attack aircraft

Model AMX-A1
Entered service in 1989
Crew 1
Dimensions and weight 
Length 13.23 m
Wing span 8.87 m
Height 4.55 m
Weight (empty) 6 730 kg
Maximum take off weight 13 000 kg
Engines and performance
Engines 1 x Rolls-Royce Spey 807 turbofan
Traction 1 x 49 kN
Maximum speed 1 160 km/h
Altitude 13 000 m
Flying range 3 330 km
Aviation gun 1 x 20-mm M61 Vulcan rotary cannon (Italian version);
2 x 30-mm DEFA 544 cannon (Brazilian version)
Missiles 2 x AIM-9 Sidewinder or 2 x MAA-1 Piranha, also air-to-ground missiles
Bombs up to 3 800 kg of bombs including GP and LGB bombs
Other unoperated rockets

In 1981 Italian and Spanish governments agreed on joint requirements for new aircraft. Embraer - the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer joined the same year. This new aircraft was built by AMX International.

The first prototype made it's maiden flight in 1984. This aircraft was lost during it's fifth flight, however programme was otherwise successful. Production of the AMX started in 1986 and in 1989 first aircraft were delivered to Brazilian and Italian air forces. Approximately 200 AMXs of all variants have been produced.

AMX attack aircraft Italian AMX aircraft took part in Operation Allied Force in 1999. They flew a number of combat sorties over Kosovo and not a single aircraft was lost. These aircraft used mainly Mk.82 free-fall bombs fitted with guidance kits.

The AMX-T is a two-seat trainer variant and still retains attack capabilities. Both Italian and Brazilian air forces operate a small number of these aircraft.

The AMX-ATA (or Advanced Trainer Attack) is also two-seater. Generally it is a multi-mission attack aircraft with limited air-to-air capability, suitable for attack and combat roles. This aircraft incorporates new sensors, forward-looking infra-red, helmet-mounted display, new radar for anti-air and anti-ship capability. New weapon systems include anti-ship missiles and medium range air-to-air missiles. In 1999 Venezuela ordered eight aircraft of this type.

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