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Short-Range Ballistic Missile

OTR - 21 "Tochka"

NATO Designation SS-21 "Scarab"

9M79M1 "Tochka-U" (SS-21 "Scarab-B") short range ballistic missile on the ZIL-375 launching vehicle

ntered service in 1973
Range 120 km
Launch weight 2 000 kg
Weight of warhead 480 kg
Type of warhead nuclear 5-150 ktons, high-explosive fragmentation or cluster
Guidance internal
Number of stages 1
Deflection from the target 10 m
Length 6.30 m
Diameter 0.6 m
Carried by ZIL-375 launching vehicle
   The 9M79 "Tochka" short range ballistic missile complex was developed in 1972 and in 1973 it entered service in the Soviet armed forces with infantry and armored regiments. This complex is intended to defeat the most important enemy objects: nuclear strike means, missile launch positions, airfields, command posts, anti-aircraft units, artillery batteries, and other small size targets with a precision fire. This missile complex was designated by NATO as SS-21 "Scarab-A".

   Complex carries one solid fuel, single stage missile with inertial guidance system. Missile is completed with a three type of warheads: nuclear with an adjustable power in 5 - 150 ktons, 480 kilograms weight high-explosive fragmentation, and cluster warhead.

   Short range ballistic missile has a range of fire in 120 kilometers. Possible radial deflection from the target is only 10 meters. Recently "Tochka" missile complex has a greatest range of fire among all field artillery and infantry missile systems used in the Russian army.

   The "Scarab" is based on a mobile ZIL-375 6-wheeled launching vehicle. This vehicle has a road speed in 60 km/h and fords water obstacles with the speed in 10 km/h.

   Improved variant of "Tochka" is designated as 9M79M1 "Tochka-U" (SS-21 "Scarab-B").

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