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Self-loading Pistol



TT self-loading pistol 1933 year model

TT self-loading pistol 1933 year model

Caliber 7.62 mm
Cartridge  7.62 x 25 mm
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with loaded magazine)   g
Total weight (with empty magazine)  g
Overall length  195 mm 
Barrels length  116 mm 
Fire characteristics
Bullets initial speed 420 m/s
Rate of fire  rpm
Practical rate of fire 30 rpm
Magazine capacity 8 rounds
Sighting range 50 m
Range of effective fire  m
   "TT" self-loading pistol was developed in 1930 by soviet constructor F.V.Tokarev. It is named from city it was produced - Tula and it's designers - Tokarev's initial letters. Pistols serial production began in 1933. Till recently there have been produced approximately 3 millions of "TT" pistols. TT self-loading pistol 1951 year model

   At the end of 20-ties Red Army required powerful self-loading pistol to change "Nagant" revolver. Soviet engineers were ordered to develop such pistol chambered for year 1986 7.63-mm "Mauzer" pistol cartridge. During development process 7.63-mm "Mauzer" cartridge was unified with the standard Soviet 7.62-mm calibre. However only during World War II its advantages comparing with Nagant revolver have been seen as incontrovertible evidence.

   In pistol's design competition took part Soviet Union firearms developers such as Tokarev, Korovin, and Priluckij. Tokarev won this competition with his self-loading pistol greatly surpassing other developers weapons. In technical characteristics his pistol outfaced the best world self-loading pistols and in some characteristics even surpassed them. As example fire accuracy error in 50 m range was only 15 cm comparing with available 35.5 for standard western pistols. In muzzle energy the "TT" surpassed "Parabellum" and was almost equal to long barrel "Mauzer". However Tokarev's pistol had some significant disadvantages, and only in 1933 after removing it self-loading pistol entered service with Red Army.

   Since 1933 the "TT" was produced in Izhevsk, Tula, and Kovrov cities. At the beggining of 50-ties "TT" was removed from serial production and armed forces as well. However recently it is used by Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs special forces. In 1951 pistol was minutely modernized to increase production abilities and to simplify it's service. New produced series of "TT" were mostly stocked.

   Pistol "TT" is a personal attack and defense weapon and intended for close combat on 50 m range distance. It's popularity is determined by it's reliability, low price, high bullets piercing ability and fire accuracy.

   Pistol doesn't have safety lock as a separate part. However it is compensated by blocking  trigger. Unfortunately such way showed oneself as unsafe. Furthermore trigger could brake up in case of falling. In later versions produced by other countries this disadvantage was eliminated. It's quiet small width allows to keep it unnoticed.

   It has an opened site. High fire accuracy is provided by low barrels line comparing with handle what lowers hands tossing. Massive lock's frame lowers recoil speed what also increases fire accuracy. There were produced amour-piercing-incendiary, tracer and ordinary bullets. Bullet fired from "TT" can shoot-through soldiers helmet, dig-in in 35 cm, shoot-through 15 cm wooden log. It also shoots-through second class amour vest and shoots-through from one side third classes amour west. To protect from "TT" bullets there should be used increased third class vests knownTT self-loading pistol 1951 year model in the case as A+.

   The "TT" successfully passed tests of World War II. "TT" was adopted by more than 25 countries army's. This legendary pistol was produced by Soviet Union, China, Yugoslavia, North Korea, Hungary, Poland, Czech-Slovakian Republic, Iraq, Vietnam. Mostly thy were copies of original "TT". 

Nowadays the "TT" is still produced by China, Yugoslavia, North Korea, Iraq, Poland unfortunately it is intended for commercial use only.

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