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Simonov's Sniper Carbine


Simonov's sniper carbine with removable bayonet

Caliber 7.62 mm
Dimensions and weight 
Total weight (with empty magazine) 3750 g
Overall length   1020 mm 
Barrels length 520 mm 
Fire characteristics
Bullets initial speed 735 m/s
Practical rate of fire 35 - 40 rpm
Magazine capacity 10 cartridges
Sighting range 1000 m
SKS sniper carbine was created in 1944 by constructor Simonov as a main Soviet Army sniper rifle to change Mosin's three line rifle and quiet unreliable automatic Tokarev's rifle SVT. It's preparation for serial production lasted till 1949. SKS is quiet easy in usage. Good weapons balance make it easy to aim and to shoot. A bit longer than AK-47 barrels length gives better fire accuracy.

Carbines automatics works on gas returning principle threw barrels wall. Barrels channel is locked by wrapping down lock. Automatic is easy and reliable what leads to low misfire ability. 

Fire mechanism allows only single fire. After each shot SKS is reloading automatically and inserts new cartridge. Flag form safety-lock is placed in back part of firing frame locks launching hook. To avoid shot with opened fire frame there is automatic regulator. 

Carbine has 10 cartridge removable magazine which is loaded while lock is opened usually from 10 cartridges plastic magazine-clips. Lock has connection points for plastic magazine-clip and it is reloaded by pushing down cartridges from plastic magazine to removable in some seconds. More powerful than AK-47 cartridges with 13.7 g bullet provide longer firing range and better ballistics.

Opened sight has sector regulation every 100 m till 1000 m. There is also ability to use optical sight. As a butt-stock carbine has half-pistol handle. 

For close combat Simonov's carbine is equipped with removable bayonet, which blade is hiding into wooden lodge by turning it in 180 degrees. Bayonet in combat position is connected to rammer which is used to clean barrels channel.  

In Soviet army SKS was changed by Dragunov's sniper rifle SVD in 1963 but for a long time it stayed in secondary such as supply and communication subdivisions. Although in third world countries it is successfully used till nowadays as a main sniper rifle. Furthermore it is serially produced in small size consignments and stays popular in case of high reliability and long firing range.

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