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Underbarrel grenade charger GP- 30

Calibre, mm 40
Length of a part of the channel of a trunk, mm 98
Number 12
Mass of a grenade charger , kg 1,2 (1,5)
Length of an aim line, mm 120
Length of a grenade charger , mm 275 (323)
Aim distance of shooting, g  
Maximum 400
Minimum to shooting 200
Battle(dashing) rate of fire 4-5
ammo, shots 10

In a 1985 the head customer GI before an industry delivered a problem to upgrade a grenade charger GP-25. By results of conducted work in a 1987 on range tests was represented and in a 1989 DV of 40-mm a grenade charger 6G21, received index GP-30 (theme " Obuvka ") is accepted on arms. On battle(dashing) performances the grenade charger GP-30 corresponds(meets) to a grenade charger GP-25, for shooting the same shots - VIGP-25 AND VIGP-25P are used. The main differences of a grenade charger GP-30 from a grenade charger GP-25 consist of the following:

1. The labour input of manufacturing of a new grenade charger is reduced on 30%.
2. Total mass of a grenade charger (by results of range tests) is reduced on the average by 0,260 kgs.
3. The construction of a sight is changed.

On a construction of a sight of a grenade charger GP-30 it would be desirable to pay more steadfast attention. A sight, as well as at a grenade charger GP-25 is mechanical, open type, but structurally is located not at the left, and to the right of a line of an aiming of an automaton and represents a construction of a quadrant type. The construction of this sight is more simple, the installation(aim) of necessary distance of shooting is carried out easier and faster, than on a grenade charger GP-25.

AK-74M with established(installed) PG by a grenade charger GP-30. GP-30 uniformly are easily installed on AKM, AKMS, AK74, AKS74 AND AK74M. The grenade charger on the weapon of trip is fixed. For removal it is enough to press one button.

Auto magic rifle(screw) M16A1 with a grenade charger M203 (above) and AK74M with GP-30 (below). The difference on dimensions impresses! The partial disassembly of a rifle(screw) and whole package of detailses is necessary for installation(aim) G203.

By the purpose of transference of a sight on the right party was improving convenience of an aiming (quite clearly, what not for ) - head the arrow is inclined to cover, instead of deviates from him(it) to the left, as on GP-25, and, that the improving of operating performances is important. Such performance(fulfillment) of a sight does(makes) more convenient descent, transition with an automaton and joined grenade charger in a position " on a belt ". For want of realization lšlieeakc the sight less gets littered and is subjected to a smaller amount of mechanical impacts. Besides from structure of a sight the plumb intended for management of shooting on the invisible purpose is eliminated. It is connected that the experience of battle(dashing) operation underbarrel of grenade charger s sufficiently has provuck an inefficiency of shooting on the invisible purpose first of all because of impossibility of management of adjustment of a light, and as small volume ammo.

It is necessary to mark, that in a construction of a grenade charger GP-30 there is no safety device of a flag type. It is stipulated by that for production of a shot to nlnziaig it is necessary to a hook to apply a significant gain for want of rather "long" descent(release), that practically excludes a casual shot of a charged grenade charger . For carriage of a complex in a marching position in structure of equipment modern soldier the availability of two bags is stipulated. The bag 1 is intended for lškinzc of a grenade charger (tank is separated from a trunk with a bracket), rubbered. The bag 2 is intended for carring ammo and is executed as fabric shops with jacks for shots. Each jack is closed by the valve, adjusted on length, that allows reliably to fix as shots VOG-25, and VOG-25P. Besides to a bag 2 made a connective rod intended for fixing underbag with manual grenades. As if to disassembly, assembly, cleaning and the smearings of a grenade charger while in service for want of maintenance service, for this purpose use the tool and memberships of an automaton , included in a package of a grenade charger .

Well and production it cšiekici of the weapon modern lincka of russian army engaging(borrowing) advanced items in the world in the class, is carried out at Tula weapon factory, famous for the famous traditions.

40-mm GP-30. A general view (slit)

1 - Crandle of the clamper, 2 - spring , 3 - descent(release) with draft, 4 - spring of descent(release), 5 - spring battle(dashing), 6 - .., 7 - fire button, 8 - axes of tank, 9 - crandle transmitting, 10 - clamper, 11 - safety device.

The specifications of shots VOG-25 and VOG-25P:

Shot VOG-25
Mass, kg 0,250
Length, mm 103
Initial velocity, m\s 76
Mass explos., kg 0,048
Time of self-liquidation of a grenade, sec, not less 14
Shot VOG-25P
Mass, kg 0,275
Length, mm 125
Initial velocity, m\s 76
Mass explos., kg 0,042
Time of self-liquidation of a grenade, sec, not less 14
Height of a rupture (on a ground of average hardness), m 0,75

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